Why We Rolled Over a 403(b) to a Vanguard IRA

July 24, 2017 Investing Personal Finance 24

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ Hey-oh, we can finally check this one off our list!  We successfully rolled over Mr. Adventure Rich’s 403(b) retirement account to a Vanguard Traditional IRA.  It is a relief to complete this task and we wanted to share our reasons for the rollover and why we chose both Vanguard and VTSAX. Background… Read more

Adventure Challenge #2: Walk It!

July 21, 2017 Adventures Household Living Simple Living Well 32

  In our second Adventure Challenge, we challenge everyone to “Walk It!” more often… Walk It: The Story Last night, after wrapping up dinner with AR Jr, my eyes wandered over to the jar of chocolate chip cookies Mr. Adventure Rich had whipped up on Tuesday night. “Wouldn’t a cookie and milk be a perfect… Read more

Our Financial Independence Mission Statement

July 19, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well Philosophy 32

Over at Our Next Life, Ms. ONL posted an article titled “Write Your Financial Independence Mission Statement”.  In this post, she outlines an exercise which can be utilized to create your own personal Financial Independence Mission Statement. Formula for a Financial Independence Mission Statement To begin, Ms. ONL suggests answering the following four questions: •What… Read more

Hard Work and Yard Work

July 17, 2017 Household Living Simple Living Well Philosophy 21

Friday evenings are odd in the Adventure Rich household. I (Mrs. Adventure Rich) tend to be in full blown “it’s the weekend!” mode, ready for my two days off from my Monday through Friday job. Mr. Adventure Rich, however, is not quite there. His job currently requires a Tuesday through Saturday schedule, resulting in Fridays… Read more

We Found Our House on Craigslist

July 14, 2017 Family Household Living Simple Living Well Personal Finance 49

Yes, you read that correctly, we found our house on Craigslist…. …just writing that title makes me feel soooo #millennial Let’s back up a little. The Cross-Country Move In mid-July 2016, Mr. Adventure Rich received a job offer in northern Michigan.  The offer was a big blessing.  It was our chance to move back closer… Read more

The Three Year Experiment’s Interview w/ Mrs. Adventure Rich

July 12, 2017 Careers Guest Post Interview 12

I am excited to send you over to the Three Year Experiment blog today to check out my interview!  Laurie is running a series of interviews featuring people whose jobs are Location Independent and/or International. I work remotely from a home office and fall right into the “Location Independent” category.  Check out the interview here!… Read more

Why I am Not Shopping Amazon Prime Day

July 11, 2017 Frugality Living Simple Personal Finance Saving 33

Haven’t you heard?!?  Today is Amazon Prime Day!  Pitched as the “Black Friday of summer”, Amazon is slashing prices and touting limited offer deals all day long.  Technically, it started last night at 9pm ET and will run through 3am ET on July 12th, totaling a whopping 30 hours of deals… better have the Venti… Read more

Adventure Challenge #1: Find Free Summertime Activities

July 10, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well 12

If you haven’t noticed, it’s summertime!  Bring on the hot weather, soft summer rains, and long days where the sun shines well into the evening.  There is a buzz in the air and summertime activities abound.  In our first installment of the “Adventure Challenges”, I challenge you to find free summertime activities.    Our Sunday… Read more

What’s in Our Wallet: Cars and Trucks Edition

July 7, 2017 Household 18

Happy Friday!  I hope you all are keeping the summer holiday spirit going and heading outdoors for an adventure with your friends and family!  Our “What’s in Our Wallet” post this week is a bit of a stretch… we are covering our cars and trucks.  Let’s just consider this part of our “metaphorical wallet”. In… Read more

Chief Mom Officer’s Interview with Mrs. Adventure Rich!

July 5, 2017 Careers Family Frugality Household Interview Personal Finance 2

Happy Wednesday, July 5th!  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day. The Interview In lieu of a post today, I wanted to send you over to read my (Mrs. Adventure Rich’s) interview with Liz a.k.a. the Chief Mom Officer (“CMO”).  She was gracious enough to interview me for a series she is… Read more