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During our humorously mishap-riddled first date, we kept reminding each other that life is “Always an Adventure”.  Add a few years, wedding rings and an energetic son to the equation, we strive to live by this motto, finding the humor in the ups and downs of our journey through life. Here at Adventure Rich, we explore how to live a rich and beautiful life full of adventure as we pursue financial independence. We hope you enjoy our blog and find value (or at least have a good laugh or two!) in our insights, perspectives, and musings.  We look forward to sharing our adventures!

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The Adventure Rich FIRE Prowess Score (2018 Update)

  Last year, we joined a chain gang of bloggers calculating our FIRE Prowess Score.  Now that the numbers are in for 2017, I’m updating our score!     FIRE[…]

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Adventure Challenge #10: Find Your “Winter Why”

  As alluded to in the earlier “Embrace the Chill” Adventure Challenge, I have a love/hate relationship with winter.  On one side, I absolutely love winter!  The winter activities, the[…]

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Ready for Round 2? Adventure Rich Reenters the Rockstar Rumble Ring!

  First off, I would like to send a huge THANK YOU for to all who voted in the first round of the Rockstar Rumble!  I am excited and honored[…]

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