Leveraging our Property for Half a Pig

August 21, 2017 Household Living Well 15

Mr. Adventure Rich and I were thrilled when we bought our dream home and property last year.  Ten beautiful farmland and wooded acres with the “right-sized” house located towards the back of the property, creating a private, pristine setting for what we hope is our family’s “forever home”.   The Property Dilemma While we counted… Read more

Buzzing in our Earbuds: Our Favorite Podcasts- Part 1

August 18, 2017 Personal Finance Philosophy Running 17

A few years ago, as I was complaining about my long, southern California commute on the overcrowded 101 Highway, a friend looked over the sea of margarita glasses and asked me if I listened to any podcasts. Podcasts?  I had heard of these odd, radio-like broadcasts, but I had yet to dive in and try… Read more

The Adventure Rich FIRE Prowess Score (Chain Gang!)

August 16, 2017 Investing Personal Finance Saving 39

We’re joining the “chain-gang”!  No, not that chain gang… this one is on the right side of the law.  We are joining the FIRE Prowess Chain Gang that has been sweeping the personal finance blogosphere this week.   FIRE Prowess Gauge It all started when JW over at The Green Swan (great blog BTW!) wrote… Read more

3 Reasons I am not attending a European Wedding

August 14, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Personal Finance Saving 36

I am sitting here, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and getting ready to return to work after a week off (staycation!).  I am not packing my bags, I am not rushing to the airport and I will not be attending the European wedding of a dear friend in Malta later this week. Malta, can you… Read more

Reflections on my Week Off

August 12, 2017 Adventures Blogging Careers Family Living Well 20

(This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, please read our disclosure.)   If you have been following our Instagram, you may have noticed something odd this week.  A morning mountain bike ride, midday beach shots, and a lazy afternoon of cloud watching.  No, this isn’t my normal weekly routine (I wish!). This was… Read more

Adventure Challenge #3: Go Watch the Sunset

August 10, 2017 Adventures Family Living Simple Living Well 22

When was the last time you saw the sunset?  This past week?  In the past month? Now, what if I were to ask you the last time you truly “watched the sunset”?  I mean, when was the last time you took the time to watch the sun slowly descend out of eyesight (whether it melted… Read more

Are We Addicted to Savings Accounts?

August 7, 2017 Personal Finance Saving 48

It is no secret that the Adventure Rich family have a few savings accounts for our short-term goals.  And it’s no secret that we prefer housing these savings accounts with Ally Bank.  But we may have a problem… Mr. Adventure Rich and I just opened two more savings accounts with Ally Bank in 2017. If you… Read more

A Recipe for Spontaneity

August 4, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well Philosophy 29

The Adventure Rich family is a fan of, well, adventures!  (go figure)  And many of these adventures end up being last minute spontaneous adventures spurred on by a dose of inspiration… “It’s a beautiful evening, let’s go for a walk!” “What a day, want to go canoeing?” “Dinner on the beach anyone?” “Great day for… Read more

Net Worth Update – August 2017: $284,786.74 (+$8,178.58)

August 2, 2017 Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 37

Hellooooo August!  (Wait, where did July go?!?)  While I cannot believe we are inching towards autumn already, the Adventure Rich family is in full summer mode, soaking up the sunny weekends and enjoying the long summer evenings. Recently, we have been trying to go for walks and explore our property in this gorgeous summer weather.… Read more

Five Lessons from the Uber Frugal Month Challenge

July 31, 2017 Frugality Living Simple Living Well Personal Finance Saving 24

Goodbye, July, make room for August 2017!  We are on the final day of the Frugalwood’s Uber Frugal Month Challenge: July Edition.  Our newfound frugal muscles are now warmed up and ready to workout a bit more often as we move forward. What was the Uber Frugal Month Challenge? The Uber Frugal Month Challenge outline… Read more