December 6, 2017 Careers Interview 12


This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Andy Hill over on the Marriage, Kids, and Money Podcast (Episode 59: How Do I Get My Spouse Onboard With Budgeting)!  Andy runs both a blog and a podcast under that same name (Marrige, Kids, and Money) and has an inspiring financial journey including a recent mortgage payoff (in less than four years!!!)!


Andy and I met at FinCon this year and while we both hail from the great state of Michigan (cause for anyone to automatically be on my “good side”), we found we had much more in common including a goal to create a solid financial life for our families and a desire to help others do the same.  I highly recommend heading over to check out the great resources, articles and podcast episodes Andy provides on his site: Marriage, Kids, and Money!



The Marriage, Kids, and Money Podcast Interview


Over the next few weeks on “Marriage, Kids, and Money”, Andy is highlighting individuals who have achieved some kind of “money win” that has led to a better life for their families.  This week, I was honored to be the featured Money Master of the Week (though, I would say I am far from a “master”… I learn every day!).


During the interview, Andy and I discuss my negotiation of a remote work arrangement with my employer and how that has affected my family.  Sound familiar?  I recently wrote a guest post on a similar topic over on Millennial Money Man (thank you, Bobby!).



Want to Listen?


You can check out the podcast interview as part of “Episode 59: How Do I Get My Spouse Onboard With Budgeting“.  I hope you enjoy the chat.  Please feel free to leave questions or comments either here or on Andy’s show notes page 🙂


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich