The Net Worth Metric


When I began following personal finance blogs after I graduated from college, I inadvertently discovered the concept of Net Worth.


I first heard about Net Worth from J$ over at Budgets are Sexy, and I quickly saw the wisdom in his suggestion to track Net Worth (check out J$’s Net Worth history here!).


I began tracking our Net Worth in January 2015.  At first, I thought that tracking our Net Worth would be a fun exercise for a few months, but would fade to the background as I found other data points to pursue or calculators to play with.  Well, I can now attest to the fact that after updating our Net Worth every month since we began in 2015, I have found this to be one of the single most motivating and useful tools in our pursuit of financial freedom.  You can read more about the concept of Net Worth and our history tracking this metric here.


The Adventure Rich Family Net Worth


For a list of our monthly Net Worth Updates and accompanying reports, please see the link below.


2018 Net Worth Updates

February 2018-  $334,701.04

January 2018– $323,563.47


2017 Net Worth Updates

December 2017– $314,270.68

November 2017– $306,038.83

October 2017– $296,983.32

September 2017– $289,186.99

August 2017– $284,786.74

July 2017–  $276,608.16

June 2017– $267,600.01