January 12, 2018 Careers Family Personal Finance 16


Happy Friday and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend!


Alright, today I have a bit of a different article.  It isn’t an article so much as a request for questions.


This week, I released Part 1 and Part 2 of our journey into becoming a one income family.


And Then There Was One… Income (Part 1: Quitting)

And Then There Was One… Income (Part 2: Privilege and Opportunity)


It is an incredible privilege to be able to make the decision to align our actions and aspects of our life with our priorities.  But it is also a new adventure, unknown territory… a bit crazy and scary!  Mr. Adventure Rich and I are still navigating our new lifestyle, plans and emotions tied to this change.



Ask Me (Us!) Anything!



I look forward to sharing “And Then There Was One… Income (Part 3: What’s Next!)” very soon!  In the mean time, I have an ask.  I am going to do a bonus “Ask Me Anything” post answering your questions about our decision to move to one income!  I have noted the questions sent earlier this week, but keep them coming!


—The questions can be directed to Mr. Adventure Rich, to me or generally to both of us

—The questions must be in “good taste”

—You can submit your question in the comments section below, on Twitter (@adventurerichly), or by emailing us at adventurerichblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

—Questions are due by EOD Monday, January 15th



So, what are your questions???  We will be responding as best we can, though some answers are still up in the air as we proceed with our new adventure 😉  Thank you in advance for your input!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich


ps- If you ever want to see more photos, check out the Adventure Rich Instagram!  It is full of our winter wonderland at the moment…!