July 11, 2017 Frugality Living Simple Personal Finance Saving 33

Haven’t you heard?!?  Today is Amazon Prime Day!  Pitched as the “Black Friday of summer”, Amazon is slashing prices and touting limited offer deals all day long.  Technically, it started last night at 9pm ET and will run through 3am ET on July 12th, totaling a whopping 30 hours of deals… better have the Venti Latte with 4 extra shots ready for this one!

But guess what?

I am not shopping Amazon Prime Day.

I know, I know, I can get stellar deals!  Its once in a lifetime!  Get it while the supplies last!


5 Reasons Why I am NOT shopping Amazon Prime Day

1. I don’t need anything

I am very blessed to have both my needs and many of my “wants” met on a daily basis.  There are no gaping holes in my life, no desire for more stuff.  I have the items that facilitate my daily life and additional items that allow me to take advantage of the outdoors, various adventures, relaxation/down-time and many other activities.  In all honesty, I have more than enough to live a happy, fulfilling life.  I have no desire to spend 30 hours of my life scanning the deals in a panicked frenzy hoping I can scoop up the last X or the awesome Y.  I’m good.  I don’t need anything right now.  I’m content.


2. If I look, I will find something

And if I were to start to scroll through the deals on Amazon today, guess what will happen?  I will find something I “need” (not need, want… but my mind will tell me, “NEED NEED NEED!” like a kid in a candy store).  So why look?  Why tempt myself and put my willpower to the test?


3. Delayed Gratification

Recently I have been trying to practice delayed gratification.  For example, there are a pair of running tights I have had my eye on since December, but I refuse to buy them until my current pair are threadbare.  My hope is that I will foster the habit of scrutinizing each purchase and discerning if an item will truly make my life better in some way or if it will just give me the “quick fix” thrill of having something new which quickly wears off and becomes yet another little used piece of junk laying around.  The concept of Amazon Prime Day’s flash sales and limited quantity deals goes directly against my effort to delay gratification.  The deals are meant to make you act fast, throw your credit card info in and buy before you think!  No, thank you.  I will happily go about my day without testing my resolve to hold off on purchases.


4. Uber Frugal Month Challenge

I am taking part in the FrugalwoodsUber Frugal Month Challenge.  I am pressure testing every purchase (even groceries!), packing sandwiches and snacks to avoid the last minute eating out, and avoiding stores like the plague.  Needless to say, Amazon Prime Day will not be on my list of to dos as part of the Uber Frugal Month Challenge!


5. I have better things to do

Since I am not looking for anything specific, guess what Amazon Prime Day would look like for me?

Scroll down…






keep scrolling…



and scrolling…





You get the picture.  If I were to partake in Amazon Prime Day, I would be spending my day scrolling through thousands of items, looking for anything that peaked my interest.  I would get to the end of the page and think “Just one more page…” or “What if an awesome deal is on the NEXT page?”  Hours wasted, work shirked, and sunshine lost.  I’d rather not.

The sunshine I’d be missing if I was hooked on Prime Day!

Is Amazon Prime Day a bad thing?  No!  It could be a great opportunity for saving if there is an item you need.  But for me, I do not need anything right now, so I will be steering clear this year.

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich