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In our second Adventure Challenge, we challenge everyone to “Walk It!” more often…

Walk It: The Story

Last night, after wrapping up dinner with AR Jr, my eyes wandered over to the jar of chocolate chip cookies Mr. Adventure Rich had whipped up on Tuesday night.

“Wouldn’t a cookie and milk be a perfect nightcap?”

I peeked into the fridge and realized (much to my chagrin) that we are out of milk.  Oi, I knew this… I had first noticed when I attempted to add milk to my homemade cold brew during the afternoon slump, but it had slipped my mind.

I had three options:

Option 1:  Drive to go get milk

Option 2:  Call Mr. Adventure Rich and have him pick some up on the way home

Option 3:  Walk to the local farm market to buy the milk

Mrs. AR’s shoes next to AR Jr.’s tiny footprints

I picked up the phone, texted Mr. Adventure Rich and asked him to swing by a store on the way home from work.  Content with the fact that my cookie craving would soon be satisfied, I turned back to AR Jr. to determine what we would do next.  He was a bundle of energy (no surprise here) and I soon realized that I not only needed to get him outside to burn off some steam, but I could use a good dose of fresh air after spending the warm summer day inside.

“Hey there- forget the milk.  I’ve got it covered!”

With applesauce and a spoon in hand, AR Jr. settled into the stroller and we were off for our mile and a half walk to the market.  The trees along the road cast long shadows as the sunshine angled sharply from the west.  It was gorgeous.  I realized how, with a little motivation and mindfulness, I could challenge myself to “walk it” more often.

Walk It: The Challenge

So here is my Adventure Challenge for you (and me too!).  I challenge you to “walk it” more often.  Find those little errands or tasks that you would typically jump in a car for and walk it instead.

Running a quick errand within a mile or two of your house/job location?  Walk it!

Going to multiple stores that are somewhat nearby?  Park your car and walk it!

Heading out to eat?  Grab coffee?  Maybe hit up some post-dinner summer ice cream?  Walk it!

You get the picture, there are many instances where you can walk it instead of driving it.

Adapting Walk It

Heading home from our “Walk It” trip

“But Mrs. Adventure Rich… how would I walk it to the grocery store when that would mean I need to carry all my groceries back with me?  Or what about us country dwellers with the nearest store a lengthy 10 mile walk away?”

Don’t worry, there are a few ways to adapt “Walk It” to fit your needs!

The Large or Heavy Load

If you are trying to walk it to pick up a heavy item or a cart full of groceries, you may have a bit of trouble.  Depending on the size of your load, bring an empty backpack to fill up for the return trip.  Need more room?  An empty stroller or wagon might do the trick!  Heading to Costco?  Okay, okay, you found the limitations of Walk It.  You won’t be able to haul back your entire pantry-stocking trip, so stick to the small to medium loads when you walk it.

The Unsafe Roads

City streets and country roads alike can pose a danger to walkers depending on the size of the road’s shoulder and the speed/visibility allotted to the cars whizzing past.  Try to find a way around dangerous road by looking for local bike trails, roads with sidewalks, or the slower neighborhoods to walk through.  You may not be on the most direct route, but I can guarantee that it is far more enjoyable to take a longer stroll along a neighborhood sidewalk than trying to dodge cars on the shorter route!

Can you spot the AR Jr. on the orchard two-track?

Another tip for unsafe roads is to get a little creative with your route.  The farm market near our house typically requires a quarter mile walk on a busy main road with little shoulder and very little pedestrian traffic.  To get around this, we asked the market owners if they would be allow our family to access the market by way of an orchard two-track cutting parallel to the busy road.  The owners generously agreed and our walks are now safer and much more interesting!

The Remote Location

While we are lucky to have the local market nearby, the nearest store after that is 3 miles down the busy road I mentioned above.  So, if I want to do a “grocery walk”, I head into town and park a mile away from a store either in a local recreation trail parking lot or along a side street.  Apply the “Walk It” challenge from there and it still counts!

The “park and walk” method not only gives you a chance for exercise and fresh air along the way, but it also can help you avoid the near-death parking lot battle for a spot on a busy Saturday afternoon.  Walk on by that line of cars angrily honking at each other and nosing into spots before the previous car is even in reverse yet, smugly smiling and thinking to yourself “That’s right, I walked it!”.

What started as a craving for milk with cookies turned into a new Adventure Challenge.

So, are you up for the “Walk It” challenge?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich