December 29, 2017 Blogging Interview 9


So, remember when I went to that crazy personal finance industry/blogger conference in Dallas, Texas?  FinCon?  Well, while there, I managed to find myself co-hosting a bonus episode of the “Do You Even Blog” Podcast with Pete McPherson.    It went something like this…


Pete (via Slack):  “Hey! Anyone up for an impromptu podcast interview?”

Mrs. Adventure Rich (via Slack):  “I’d be game to podcast!”

Pete (via Slack):  “Haha nice!  Meet near the podcast booth?  Totes down : ) ”


{Pause as I get to the Podcast Booth}


Mrs. Adventure Rich:  “Hi!”

Pete:  “So… making an assumption based off of your name, would you be willing to go on an adventure?”

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  “Uh, yes!”

Pete:  “Ok- so I’m thinking we just walk around with my portable microphone and interview random people.  Cool?”

Mrs. Adventure Rich (internally): Gulp… keep it cool, you can do this, just don’t be awkward or stumble over your words.

Mrs. Adventure Rich (outwardly): “Sounds great, let’s go!”


And we were off!  We quickly started tracking down people and surprising them with impromptu interviews.


LINK:  Do You Even Blog Bonus Episode Live From FinCon 2017



The Do You Even Blog Bonus Podcast Episode from the FinCon Expo Floor

The result?  A Bonus Episode in which we interviewed the following FinCon attendees:


Tanja from Our Next Life

Matt from Optimize Your Life

Fritz from Retirement Manifesto

Rianka from Your Greatest Contribution

 Lauryn from Worth Winning

Bobby from Millennial Money Man

J Money from Budgets are Sexy (for the record, I was NOT present for this portion of the show!)



LINK:  Do You Even Blog Bonus Episode Live From FinCon 2017



And Pete…  Thank you for the opportunity to join the show!  I’m giving you fair warning, I may still start my own podcast aptly titled “Do You Even Podcast” 😉


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich


psst- You can find my review of the “Do You Even Blog” podcast from a bit back here!