Adventure Challenge #6:  An Apple a Day

October 13, 2017 Adventures Family Living Simple Living Well 18

  Crisp and cool, the breeze glances off my face as I move quickly in an effort to generate a bit of warmth. “Mom, mom, moooooom!  Hand.” AR Jr. hustles along, reaching to grab my hand as we shuffle through the tall grass.  The overcast sky threatens to open up at any moment, but we… Read more

Adventure Challenge #5: Friday Night Lights

September 13, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well 26

  With the leaves changing and a chill dancing across your face, what is your quintessential autumn activity? Is it donning your sweaters and scarves for the first time?  Raking a pile of brightly colored leaves?  Perhaps it is heading to your local pumpkin patch to pick out this year’s front porch guest of honor.… Read more

Adventure Challenge #4: Get Sandy

August 23, 2017 Adventures Family Living Simple Living Well 12

There is something special about feeling the minute grains of sand squeeze between your toes as you burrow you feet deep into a layer of warm, dry sand.  Or the feeling exfoliating grit that presses against the soles of your feet as you walk along a wet shoreline, leaving imprints as you go. I love… Read more

Hard Work and Yard Work

July 17, 2017 Household Living Simple Living Well Philosophy 21

Friday evenings are odd in the Adventure Rich household. I (Mrs. Adventure Rich) tend to be in full blown “it’s the weekend!” mode, ready for my two days off from my Monday through Friday job. Mr. Adventure Rich, however, is not quite there. His job currently requires a Tuesday through Saturday schedule, resulting in Fridays… Read more

Adventure Challenge #1: Find Free Summertime Activities

July 10, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well 12

If you haven’t noticed, it’s summertime!  Bring on the hot weather, soft summer rains, and long days where the sun shines well into the evening.  There is a buzz in the air and summertime activities abound.  In our first installment of the “Adventure Challenges”, I challenge you to find free summertime activities.    Our Sunday… Read more

Half Marathons and Mortgages

May 31, 2017 Adventures Household Living Well 7

  What do half marathons and mortgages have in common? They both suck! Okay okay, fine, I’ll be relatively serious.  Half marathons and mortgages are both endurance events which take time, dedication and discipline.  I recently ran my third Half Marathon, which afforded me plenty of time to ponder this topic as I pounded pavement. Goals and… Read more

20 Frugal Adventures for Memorial Weekend

May 26, 2017 Adventures Frugality Living Well 0

Happy Memorial Weekend Friday! I believe I am not alone in the anticipation of an extra weekend day.  So, what are your plans?  Any big trips?  Exciting events?  Need ideas?  I can help!  I have compiled a list of twenty free or low cost Memorial weekend ideas*. *My one condition:  #20 is mandatory. Enjoy! 20… Read more