May 24, 2017 Adventures Frugality General Investing Personal Finance 2

Its official! The Adventure Rich family is joining the “Million Dollar Club” that J$ founded over at Budgets are Sexy (Hi J$!). We are joining over 180 bloggers by pledging to pursue the Double Comma Club.

In order to join, we pledge to do the following things in the pursuit of a MILLION DOLLARS (which is actually quite realistic!).

Our Pledge

1-  Max out at least one 401 K to the full $18,000 + company match as allowed by the IRS each year.

2-  Track our Net Worth monthly.

3-  Pay off our credit cards in full each month.

4-  Stick with our plan to pay for an additional $400/month on our mortgage, resulting in paying off the mortgage prior to our son’s graduation from high school (aka- BEFORE college costs should we choose to contribute to his education).

5-  Seek the frugal option – buy used and look for freebies, be resourceful and use what we have.

6-  Make/consume a majority of our food (including beer/cocktails!) at home.

7-  Invest any unexpected cash influxes such as work bonuses, tax refunds, gifts, etc.

8-  Continue to educate ourselves in personal finance topics by reading, following fellow bloggers, listening to podcasts, and discussing these topics when appropriate.

9-  Teach our son to be fiscally responsible and to enjoy the beauty this life has to offer.

10-  Live generously within our means.  Continue to donate to our church and other organizations.

11-  Embrace the Adventure!

We may add to or revise this list along the way, but here is a good start… wish us luck!

Always an Adventure,

The Adventure Rich Family