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Spaving– a totally made up word to reflect savings gathered while spending.

(spending + saving = spaving)



My Month of “Spaving”

Led by the illustrious Lady in the Black, I (along with several other bloggers) participated in a month-long challenge throughout September called the “September Savings Challenge”.


The Challenge

The Spaving Challenge goes like this.  Anytime I bought an item and received a discount (be it from a coupon, a price drop/weekly ad, a rebate or another form of discount), I was required to deposit the savings into a savings account.


Why “Spavings”?

How often do you buy an item that is marked down and think “Hey! I just saved $5”?  But do you really save that money?  Or do you just spend it elsewhere?

The goal of the Spaving Challenge is to turn the savings achieved through spending into “real savings”.  It turns what was just a number on the bottom of the receipt (“You saved $2.46 today!”) into “real savings” ($2.46 in the savings account).


How I “Spaved”


Based on a recommendation from Joe Saul-Sehy on this Stacking Benjamin’s show podcast episode, I used the free app “Tip Yourself” to track and accumulate the “spavings”.  Through this app, I linked my checking and would withdraw my savings from shopping from checking into the “tip jar”.  At the end of the month, I emptied the jar into my savings account.

The app was an easy “on the go” approach to spavings and made sure I kept track of my savings.  It allowed me to log and save my savings in the checkout line… plus it was free, so I didn’t mind trying it out.


The Participants

The Lady in the Black from www.ladyintheblack.com (our fearless leader)

Britt from www.tinyambitions.com

Penny from www.shepicksuppennies.com

Abigail from www.ipickuppennies.net

Nicole from www.budgetlikealady.com

Mrs. Adventure Rich from www.adventurerich.com 🙂


The “Spavings”

My Savings = $138.64

Team Savings = $1,010.59


My “Spaving” Challenge Take-Aways


I really enjoyed this challenge.  The focus on actually saving the savings at the checkout line reset my thought process about spending.  During this challenge, the coupons or weekly ads suddenly meant something more than a lower bill, it meant an increased savings account balance at the same time.  Magical!


Will “Spavings” Change your Life?

Spavings will likely not be the earth moving, life-changing money strategy.  The amounts will generally be small (dollars and cents), but it can add up to a decent little chance of change for an extra mortgage payment, additional investment money, a nice dinner for our anniversary or a little extra for our next vacation.

I hope to continue the practice of spaving going forward.  This will help me to boost my savings as I reduce my spending as I work to be more and more mindful of where my money goes and to what end I am employing it.


For more info on the challenge and the results, please head over to The Lady in the Black’s post:

Converting Spavings into Savings: Another Scientific Exploration 


Have you “spaved” before?  Are you tempted to try it for a week or a month?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich