February 5, 2018 Blogging Personal Finance 2


Back in December, I woke up in a Nyquil induced haze (my feeble attempt to battle a nasty holiday cold) to an exciting announcement from Rockstar Finance (my go-to online community hub for all things personal finance).  Rockstar Finance decided to host the first-ever “Rockstar Rumble“, a March Madness-style bracket competition for personal finance articles.  Each blogger was allowed to submit 1 article for consideration.  The article submissions were narrowed to a total of 128 “rumble articles”.  About 2 weeks ago, the Rumbles began!



Adventure Rich Rumbles



I am excited to announce that an article from Adventure Rich was included in the Rockstar Rumble!  After reviewing the 100+ articles I wrote last year, I decided to submit one near and dear to my heart:


Confessions of a FIRE Blogger:  We Don’t Have an FI Number or Date


I wrote our “Confessions of a FIRE Blogger” because I realized that Mr. Adventure Rich and I are not following a formula or gunning for retirement as fast as we could.  Quite the opposite!  We are focusing on trying to live a rich and adventurous life while saving and investing wisely to create options for our future.



Vote Today!


Adventure Rich is up in the first round of the Rockstar Rumble today!   For the next 48 hours, you can read our post and the post we are up against here and vote for your favorite!



(We are “Confessions” in Game 42)



My Ask:  Go Read and Vote 🙂



Honestly, there is an incredible amount of amazing content in the personal finance sphere right now.


My ask for you… go read our post, read the post we are up against, and vote for the one that resonates most with you.



(We are “Confessions” in Game 42)


And while you are at it, check out the other articles up for the Rumble and sign up for the Rockstar Finance Daily Digest email!  Remember, you have until late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning to vote!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich