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If you have been following our Instagram, you may have noticed something odd this week.  A morning mountain bike ride, midday beach shots, and a lazy afternoon of cloud watching.  No, this isn’t my normal weekly routine (I wish!). This was my week off!


PTO Plan

Cloud watching by the bay on a Wednesday afternoon

After being with my company for 5 years, I have a generous PTO offering.  Typically, I use my PTO for a few days here, a long weekend there, but rarely a full week off.  In fact, the last time I took a full week off was our honeymoon back in 2013 (not including maternity leave, which started the day I was in labour so I am NOT counting it here!).


This past week, I broke my almost 4 year stint and I took the whole damn week off!


It was glorious.


The original plan centered around a visit from Mr. Adventure Rich’s brother, sister-in-law and their kids (AR Jr’s cousins!).  But after they unexpectedly bought a house, they decided to shorten their trip to a Friday – Wednesday (vs. Friday – Friday).

When I first found out about their plans to shorten their vacation, I thought about shortening my PTO in kind and heading back to work on Thursday and Friday.  But then I realized something… I realized I needed a break!

After a fairly crazy 5 years (graduating college, starting my career, getting married, having a baby, moving across the country, transitioning to remote work and buying a house), I decided to be “selfish” (let’s just call it “smart” in this scenario 😉 ) and keep my days off as just that, days off!


What did I do during my week off?

Mountain Biking!

-We hit the beach multiple times both with our guests and just with our family

-I cherished extra time with AR Jr.

-We enjoyed good, craft beer

-We took advantage of a local distillery’s free spirit tasting (two days in a row!)

-We walked a lot!

-I woke up early to enjoy the day

-I still blogged and kept up with reading/sharing other bloggers’ content (less than usual though…)

-I mountain biked my favorite local single track

-I met up with friends to run and have our kids play together

-I ate too much (hence all the walking and running)

-Mr. Adventure Rich and I took AR Jr. to the Northwestern Michigan Fair and the TC Street Fair

-I started a great book fresh from our local library!  (  Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhatkar)

-We watched the sunset several times (including at the Point Betsie Lighthouse)

-I forgot what day it was


What didn’t I do during my week off?

Not thinking about work while navigating this single-track 😉

-I didn’t work (my day job)!

-I didn’t think about my day job (for the most part…)

-I didn’t miss my day job

-I didn’t feel anxious or a little sad on Sunday night

-I didn’t blog as much

-I didn’t blog my normal schedule (MWF became MThSa this week)

-I didn’t wake up early because I needed to (I wanted to!)


What did I learn during my week off?

Friday morning sunrise run

I realized several things during my week off:

1-  While I enjoy working, I was surprised at how much I didn’t miss it.

Granted, it was only one week off, but I was surprised how much of a relief it was to wake up on Monday morning with a general plan for the day but no meetings, required work or deadlines.  I enjoy my job and I like my career path thus far, but this really got me.

Shouldn’t I miss the work?  Wasn’t I supposed to be itching for fulfillment by Tuesday afternoon?

2- I did miss the blogging a bit.

We are nearing the 3 month mark for the Adventure Rich blog.  I’m not big on early milestones, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself full of new article ideas and eager to get back to my “routine” (trust me, it is anything but organized!) of writing.  It strengthened my resolve and confirmed my commitment to this whole “blog thing” 😉

3- Blog Article FOMO?

I also missed interacting with other bloggers and reading their content!  I was able to keep up with a few articles each day, but not nearly my normal intake.  In a way, the week was a good break and gave me the opportunity to do more thinking (less intake).  But with the constant stream of new articles, I do feel like may be missing great content.  Blog FOMO much?!?


4- I did what I wanted to do!

I cannot tell you how long I have told Mr. Adventure Rich about the sunsets at the Point Betsie Lighthouse… we finally made it!

I hit my favorite mountain biking trail for the first time since November… how did I let 9 months go by?!?

Early Friday morning run with a friend from track club (who also had the day off!), check!

Cracking into a new book from the library?  Black Edge, you have me in the first chapter.

New distillery in town offering free tastings- I may have hit that twice this week…

And I woke up early because I wanted to 🙂

5- I spent an incredible amount of quality time with my family

Both with our extended family during their visit, and my immediate family afterwards, I spent a lot of quality time with family this week.

I still had some of my typically weekly activities (track club on Wednesday, blog writing and minor daily management, a few chores/errands), but I also had an entire work-week of free time to spend with my husband, son, brother/sister-in-law and their kiddos and my parents.

I was more relaxed and able to spend quality time with them while enjoying the activities I love.


Does this mean I will be an ideal candidate for early retirement?!?

Lovely Lake Michigan!


Not necessarily.

While this was only a one week break, it certainly is no indication of what early retirement would be like or how I may feel if/when we reach financial independence.  But I am intrigued by how pleasant this week was and how enjoyable my daily pace felt when I was not tied to a 9-5.


What have you learned when you have taken time off (staycation or vacation) from your “day-job”?  Anyone take a few weeks or more off?  Did you miss your job?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich