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Over the past few weeks, I have been featuring various podcasts (financial and non-financial), sharing the shows we love and giving a preview of what to expect.  I am nearing the end of my favorite podcast list… so this may be the last Buzzing in our Earbuds for awhile.


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FIRE Drill Podcast

Fall on FIRE!


FIRE Drill Podcast


Two millennial women talking FIRE (financial independence/retire early) with a wide range of interviewees?  Yes, please!  The FIRE Drill Podcast is a brand spanking new podcast hosted by the lovely J from Millennial Boss and Gwen from Fiery Millennial.


J and Gwen are both on the path to financial independence and have stormed the blogosphere with incredible stories and tactics for career success, house hacking, passive income, and FIRE.  I am thoroughly enjoying their new endeavor to create a podcast focused on interviewing others on the path to FI.


The interviewees on the FIRE Drill Podcast are not “just” the typical FIRE bloggers.  Yes, there are plenty of personal finance bloggers interviewed, but J and Gwen have gone beyond this sphere to identify people on the path to FI in other arenas.  Interviewees include an Instagram influencer, an author of romance novels, extreme travel hacking sisters, and a hardcore Mustachian living in a trailer.


I find the interviews entertaining and enjoyable.  I especially appreciate that many of the interviewees are on the path to FI.  They aren’t there yet and they are going through many of the same struggles Mr. Adventure Rich and I are going through.  The FIRE Drill Podcast a refreshing new podcast I highly recommend adding to your list!



The Tim Ferriss Show

The High Life! (Or just a work travel view…)


The Tim Ferriss Show


I have a feeling that this article is not the first time you have heard of the Tim Ferriss Show.  Tim Ferriss is a powerhouse businessman and author of several wildly popular books including “The Four Hour Work Week  ”, “Tribe of Mentors”, and “Tools of Titans”.  Tim uses his podcast not as a platform for enlightening others about his life, but as a means to picks the brains of incredible individuals and share the wealth of knowledge that ensues.


Tim has an excellent presence and way of drawing out the habits, routines, and practices of world-class performers.  His interviews are long (typically 1.5-2 hours!) but fascinating and approachable.  Tim works to break down complex topics, asking for clarification, definitions and additional detail when covering technical or confusing information (like cryptocurrency!).


I wish I could nail down a handful of my favorite episodes from the Tim Ferriss Show, but there are just too many to name.  I suggest scrolling through the titles and picking out a few that interest you to start out with.  I doubt you will be disappointed!



Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

AR Jr. baking… likely listening to WWDTM


Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!


Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is not new to the airwaves (I listened to this show as a child!), but it has morphed from the weekly radio show to a weekly podcast as well!


Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is a comedic current events “game show” with various games featuring odd stories, questions, quotes, and limericks related to recent news.  With a rotating panel of comedians, featured celebrity guests and listener call-in participants, I find this show to be a fun, comic relief at the end of each week.


I often listen to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! while making dinner on Saturday night, with AR Jr. playing nearby.  He loves the applause and jumps to his feet, clapping and yelling “YAYYY” every time the audience claps 🙂



Aaaand that’s a wrap!  Until next time…


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich