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After the first few “Buzzing in our Earbuds” posts, I would like to introduce a few relatively new podcasts I enjoy (plus 1 “new to me” podcast).


If you missed our first few posts, check them out here!

Buzzing in our Earbuds:

Part 1

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On with the show(s)!


Choose FI




ChooseFI is quickly becoming one of my favorite financial (specifically, financial independence) podcasts!  ChooseFI is hosted by Brad and Jonathan.   I first heard Brad interviewed on the Mad Fientist’s podcast before ChooseFI came to be and was excited to find out he was partnering up with Jonathan to start a podcast.

ChooseFI is a podcast providing comprehensive analysis, practical tactics, strategies, and interviews all focusing on financial independence.  While many podcasts cover financial independence and retiring early, I have yet to find one that goes into the “nitty gritty” and lays out a roadmap in such an incredibly accessible way.

ChooseFI not only provides the motivation and reasons for financial independence (check out the episode “The Why of FI”) but also the path to get there (the “Pillars of FI” and the “Milestones of FI”).

Each week, Brad and Jonathan typically interview a guest on Monday, followed by a weekly recap and analysis of the show on Friday.  The ChooseFI community (which is awesome BTW!) is very active on Facebook and the questions/comments from the Facebook group are covered on the Friday episodes.


Do You Even Blog


Do You Even Blog


Are you a blogger?  You may want to check out Pete McPherson’s podcast “Do You Even Blog”!  Pete is an entrepreneur of both “semi-successful and failed business ventures” (his words, not mine!) who started a podcast to help online entrepreneurs and bloggers by highlighting and sharing best in class digital marketing tactics.

Pete interviews a wide range of guests, from online celebrities, seven-figure bloggers, up and coming bloggers, influencers and more.  His interviews range from the ins and outs of blogging and online income to several “blog coaching” style episodes.

As a new blogger, I learn something new with each episode.  They are candid, not extremely edited or polished and often a lot of fun.  I recommend checking this podcast out if you are in the blogging/online income world!


Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Taking pics of airplanes for AR Jr. as I traveled for work.


Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase


I first heard about Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase on the Stacking Benjamin’s Show.  “Betty” is a flight attendant who carries around a microphone and gathers stories from her colleagues around the world.

I have only listened to a few episodes, but Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase is hilarious!  You would not believe (or maybe you would…) what flight attendants have seen, heard and been through!  I quite literally laugh out loud while listening to this show!  Betty also adds her own commentary and stories, adding great perspectives and context to some of the stories.

So, looking for a good laugh with unique tales from above the clouds?  Look no further than Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase.


Happy Monday and enjoy the listening!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich