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Are your ready for the third edition of “Buzzing in our Earbuds”, our favorite podcasts?


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Without further ado, here is Round 3!


So Money

Sunset over our neighbor’s field


So Money

So Money is a podcast created and hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, a badass journalist, author, financial expert and working mom of two children.  A few years ago, she launched her podcast, So Money, to dive into personal finance and pick the brains of an array of guests to learn about their success, failures, habits and strategies (financial and otherwise).

I first heard of Farnoosh and her podcast when Paula Pant interviewed Farnoosh on the Afford Anything Podcast (Farnoosh’s interview here, my take on the Afford Anything podcast here).  I loved the interview and quickly linked over to Faroosh’s podcast, simultaneously reserving Farnoosh’s book “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women” from the library.  I was hooked.

So Money brings a refreshing take on career, life and financial success in a podcast hosted by a dynamic, intelligent woman.  Farnoosh interviews guests ranging from journalists to start-up founders, authors and influencers to financial gurus and psychologists.  She even has a very endearing episode in which she interviews Adam and Sheila Torabi… her parents 🙂  On Fridays, she hosts an “Ask Farnoosh” episode, answering her listeners’ career and financial questions.


Millennial Money Minutes

Dinner at the beach along Lake Michigan


Millennial Money Minutes

Looking for a quick dose of financial wisdom each and every day?  Look no further!  Millennial Money Minutes is just that, a couple of millennial guys chatting about money for about 5 minutes a day.  Grant from Millennial Money and Matt from Distilled Dollar collaborate to bring you this podcast.

Grant and Matt briefly cover a different financial topic each day.  They give their perspectives, a few tips or strategies applicable for the topic and additional resources to go deeper into the topic if you are interested.  In addition, longer interviews with financial bloggers are sprinkled into the mix.

I enjoy the “quick and easy” aspect of Millennial Money Minutes.  I can listen to an episode as I make coffee or walk to the mailbox in the morning, giving me a few ideas to think about as I continue about my day.

Millennial Money Minutes is also a great personal finance intro course for those who are just starting out or are beginning to explore the financial world.  Matt and Grant break down the jargon that could confuse someone as they first learn about personal finance and make the concepts applicable to everyday life.


Human Race

One of my favorite trails


Human Race 

Yes, guilty, another running podcast.  But not really… let me explain.

Human Race is another podcast produced by Runner’s World.  The podcast on the surface is a “running podcast”, but it goes much deeper than that.  Human Race takes the time to explore and tell the story of amazing runners from every walk of life.


Interviewees include:

— An 85 year old Holocaust and concentration camp survivor who found running as a therapy for her traumatic past.

— A man with early onset Alzheimer’s who uses running as a way to combat mental decline.

— A blind man who lost his sight in a shooting in the Bronx and regained freedom by running with a guide.

— A Los Angeles Judge who decided to start a running club in Skid Row to help addicts recover and find purpose in life.

— Oh, and there is an episode about the World’s Longest Urinal


This is just a taste of the inspiring stories featured on Human Race.  Some episodes are hilarious, some are motivational, and some are sobering, sending me into a reflective state after listening to the show.  I have laughed out loud while vacuuming the house (garnering an odd look from both Mr. Adventure Rich and AR Jr.) and broken down in tears during a run as I listen to the show.  I believe both runners and non-runners alike could enjoy this show.

One note about Human Race.  Much to my chagrin, the final episode of Human Race aired this past week.  I’m bummed to see it go, but I still include this show on my favorites list because, well, it is still a favorite and I plan to re-listen to episodes in the future!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich


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