August 28, 2017 Personal Finance Philosophy 21

We’re back with a second edition of our “Buzzing in our Earbuds” favorite podcasts post.

You can check out the first edition here:

Buzzing in our Earbuds- Part 1

In this second edition, I will follow a similar format… I will cover two financial podcasts and one “other” podcast.


Radical Personal Finance

Radical Solar Eclipse


Radical Personal Finance

The first podcast I will cover today is Radical Personal Finance.  This podcast is hosted by Joshua Sheats, a father, business owner and brilliant financial mind.  His tag line is:

“The show that provides you with the knowledge, skills, insights and encouragement you need to live a rich and meaningful life now, while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less.”

Joshua has a unique way of taking complex, obscure and even dry financial lessons and making them interesting and understandable.  Whenever I listen to his shows, I need to focus.  They often resemble a survey of a Master Class… in depth, comprehensive overviews of a topic that leave me with a good understanding of the topic, along with the resources for more information if I am interested.

One unique aspect of Radical Personal Finance is Joshua’s willingness to cover the side of the story or the perspective that is not often looked at or is even looked down on.  Honestly, I think you would be hard-pressed to find an episode in his archives that does not resonate with you or give you a completely new stance towards the topic covered.  Joshua is also incredibly honest and open, taking stands on issues that he is convinced of (moral, financial, or pertaining to another aspect of life) and I truly enjoy Radical Personal Finance.


The Mad Fientist Podcast

Sit back with a beer to enjoy the Mad Fientist!


The Mad Fientist

While I doubt there are many (if any!) readers here who have not heard of The Mad Fientist (aka- Brandon), but if you have not visited his blog, you need to do the following:

1- Stop reading this right now.

2- Go to the Mad Fientist

3- Feast on the wealth of knowledge contained in the laboratory

4-  Once you finish all of that, come back here and continue 😉

On the Mad Fientist, you will find fascinating articles on tax hacking, financial independence, the “laboratory” to calculate your financial independence date, a travel hacking card comparison tool and much much more.

Brandon also has a podcast where he interviews people who either have achieved financial independence (FI) or are near that mark.  He has his guests give an overview of their journey, break down the strategies they employed in order to reach FI, their reasons for pursuing FI and their plans once they reach that goal.  Brandon always wraps with asking his guests to give one piece of advice to the audience, which is often very insightful and helpful.

I find that listening to the interviews of the people who have reached FI as motivating as we navigate our own path to FI.  It is so easy to feel like we (Mr. Adventure Rich and I) are in a counter-cultural silo or on a mission to achieve the impossible.  The Mad Fientist Podcast interviews reinforce our resolve to work hard each and every day to attain financial independence.

One note- the Mad Fientist Podcast does not release episodes regularly, but don’t let that deter you from subscribing!  Go back and listen to all of the interviews… you will not be disappointed.  They are pure gold!



I have no photos of crimes… so graffiti will have to do.


Crimetown Show

I was a Nancy Drew addict in elementary school, which morphed into Tom Clancy novels and other intriguing stories of political, social and economic crime, corruption and espionage.  Naturally, I gravitated to a podcast that does a deep dive into the life and corruption of the Providence, Rhode Island mob and focuses on the former mayor of Providence, Buddy Cianci, and his ties to organized crime.

The Crimetown crew produced a fascinating show… they scoured newspaper archives, conducted interviews with key players both inside and outside of jail and dove into how Buddy Cianci remained such a charismatic leader despite his clear organized crime connections and criminal activity.  Throughout the winter, I looked forward to my Sunday workouts or Monday walks so I could listen to the most recent release.

Season 1 of Crimetown wrapped up officially in May, with bonus episodes into June.  I am eagerly awaiting their next installment, which they have hinted will focus on a new “crimetown”.


There you have it, another three of our favorite podcasts (with more to come)!  Until next time…

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich