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A few years ago, as I was complaining about my long, southern California commute on the overcrowded 101 Highway, a friend looked over the sea of margarita glasses and asked me if I listened to any podcasts.

Podcasts?  I had heard of these odd, radio-like broadcasts, but I had yet to dive in and try any out.  She suggested a few and I promptly forgot about them, returning to my mind-numbing commute.  I did end up listening to audiobooks (aka- commute sanity savers!) but it took a few years before I got into the podcasting groove.  I tend to be a late bloomer in all things “millennial” despite being smack dab in the middle of the millennial generation!

I now listen to several podcasts regularly, relishing in the information, humor and entertainment they bring to my life.  Many of the podcasts are financial, but I have a few others thrown into the mix that peak my interest in other realms.  This post will be the first of several “Buzzing in our Earbuds” podcast round ups!


Quick note:  If you are a podcaster who doesn’t see your podcast listed below, don’t worry!  This is just Round 1 of our series… more to come!


Afford Anything Podcast


Afford Anything Podcast

Now… we don’t typically play favorites, but I think I have to say that Paula Pant’s Afford Anything Podcast is hands down our favorite!

Sound personal finance tips? Check!

Engaging interviews? Check!

Overall amazing life philosophy? Check check check!

Paula introduces each podcast by reminding the listeners of the following:

“You can afford anything, but not everything.  This is true of all of your limited resources: your time, resources and money”

Paula proceeds to break down complex investing strategies and dynamic life philosophies into easily understood and actionable terms.  Her weekly shows include interviews with a wide array of guests spanning multiple industries and focuses along with personal finance Q&As from the listeners.

I highly recommend listening to this podcast from the beginning.  This will take some time, but the development of the philosophy and the ongoing conversation around both finance and lifestyle is fascinating.

Mr. Adventure Rich and I see the Afford Anything podcast as a primary source of motivation, new ideas and knowledge as we develop our own personal finance and lifestyle philosophy.

Mr. Adventure Rich and I are now at a point where we need to check with each other each Monday evening to see if we both listened to the weekly Afford Anything show.  If we both have listened to the show, a discussion quickly ensues as we dive into our thoughts about the episode.  If one of us has yet to listen, we make the other swear to silence until we are both on the same page.  Yes, we are that obsessed…


The Stacking Benjamins Show

Not quite benjamins… but we’re still stacking!


The Stacking Benjamins Show

Self-described as “the lighter side of personal finance”, the Stacking Benjamins Show is a quirky talk-show style podcast that covers odd or absurd finance news stories, new FinTech tools and interviews with great minds in the finance world.

I’ll be honest, it took me a bit to warm up to the show, but I now listen to their thrice-weekly releases for both the information contained and the entertainment provided in the form of bad jokes, puns and running inside jokes with the characters.

Speaking of characters… what a cast this show has!  As I listen more and more, I feel like I know these guys.  Joe is the ever knowledgable, ever witty host with the “Other Guy” (a not-named financial planner) bringing a wry, dry sense of humor and a deep understanding of personal finance to the table.   And then there is Joe’s mom’s neighbor, Doug.  Oh Doug, you make my day a little better as I chuckle along and smirk at your terrible punch lines.

The Stacking Benjamins Show strikes me as unique due to the wide variety of topics, guests and opinions voiced on the show.  Joe and OG are open to hearing from guests that are not necessarily “strictly financial” and are willing to challenge positions on the show.  They provide a well-rounded examinations of topics, offering opinions while explaining why they choose one option over another.

A few other great features of the Stacking Benjamins Show are the FinTech segments and the Friday Round Table.  The FinTech segment allows new FinTech companies to come and essentially pitch their service to the listeners as Joe asks a few questions.  They are not sponsors or recommended by the SBS, but I enjoy hearing about the new offerings in the market.  And the Friday Round Table is a Friday (go figure) discussion with some pretty amazing financial bloggers and writers including Paula Pant, Len Penzo, Greg McFarlane, and periodic guests.


The Runner’s World Show

Training partner


The Runner’s World Show

For those of you here strictly for the financial side of our blog, you can tune out now 🙂

As many of you know by now, I am an avid runner and recently became more involved with running through my local track club.  In one of our track club’s monthly newsletter, the editor suggested the Runner’s World Show as a good podcast for runners.  My first though was, “A podcast about running?  How boring could that be?”

Little did I know I would quickly come to enjoy the stories and tips provided on this podcast.  The show is produced by the Runner’s World magazine crew and includes interviews with olympians, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and many others.  They cover running current events, unique stories, and host listener Training Q&A episodes.

One of the big draws to this show earlier this year was the in depth coverage of Nike’s Breaking 2 project.  After listening to months of interviews, updates and athlete profiles for the Breaking 2 test, I was hooked.  I even woke up at 2am to watch the final laps of Eliud Kipchoge’s amazing attempt in Monza, Italy.

As a runner, this podcast gives me some extra motivation and excitement around my training and racing.  After listening to the Runner’s World Podcast, I don’t need quite as much self-convincing to tie up my laces and hit the road for my run!


So there you have it- Round 1 of what is Buzzing in our Earbuds.  I look forward to sharing more of our favorites in future editions!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich