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I’m back with the third and final Bonus post featuring the final Ask Me/Us Anything questions regarding our move to one income!  Ready for it?


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One Income Celebration?


What did we do while AR Jr. napped? Wine + Cribbage!


Are you taking advantage of the fact that your job is remote to take a (frugal, of course!) family vacation in celebration?  ~ Erin, Reaching for FI


We did!  We are playing the points game with IHG and decided to do a two-day “staycation” at a local Hotel Indigo.  We enjoyed a lovely weekend exploring our town by foot, cozying up by the hotel fireplace, enjoying an evening of live music, playing cribbage as AR Jr. napped in the room, and playing in the snow 🙂



Adventure Scale


How does this rate on your adventure scale?  ~ Amy- Life Zemplified


I’ll give it a solid 8!  We aren’t diving off a cliff in a wingsuit, but we are taking a big leap into the unknown!



Half Marathon in Portland?




So my question for you is: Are you going to join us in Portland?  ~ Mr. WoW


Oooh, so, I am training for my first Marathon this year!  The Portland Half sounds like a blast!!!  Put me down as TBD… with our new setup, we are balancing the free time and desire to go on some adventures with our need to make sure we don’t overspend or skuttle our savings.  We are already planning to go camping this summer and head to FinCon, so I’ll let you know if I can squeeze in a weekend in Portland!



Blog Plans


Do you think having him home full time will give you MORE time to devote to blogging/side income, or will it take away because now you will want to spend free time together?  ~ The Budget Epicurean


Adventure Rich has been live for over 8 months now and I am really enjoying the community, creative outlet, and challenge of blogging.  However, I do not see blogging as a primary focus for me.  Yes, I do spend a lot of time on it and I have committed to certain goals personally, but I am also working to make sure that blogging fits into our lives and our adventures…not detracting from them.


I have already been working on getting more efficient with blog tasks, “batching” my work on the blog, and trying to keep the blogging to early morning/post-bedtime hours to make sure I am not cutting into family time.  I plan to keep working this way, spending the time freed up with Mr. Adventure Rich and AR Jr. versus on the blog.


So the short answer… hopefully neither.  I hope to keep the blogging about the same, not spending more time but also not having the new set up detract from the blog.



Aaand that’s a wrap!  Our final post in our “One Income” series.  I can’t wait to see what adventure await our family!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich