October 2, 2017 Frugality Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 18


For the beginning of autumn, we are still enjoying beautiful weather here in northern Michigan!  We even enjoyed the warmest week of the year with a few 80-90 degree days (can you say, “Beach Day”?!?)

Colorful apples from our yard!


September was quite the month!  In addition to some Friday Night Lights and a few beach days, the Adventure Rich family enjoyed an incredible, semi-frugal vacation to Mackinac Island!   I (Mrs. Adventure Rich) followed up our vacation with a few days of work travel on the West Coast and, as of your reading this, I am jet-setting few more days of work travel.

Taking pics of airplanes for AR Jr. as I traveled for work.


The work travel is typically a welcome break from my remote work routine and a chance for me to connect with colleagues face to face.  That being said, I’m glad the trips are not too frequent because they can be exhausting!


Now, on to the numbers!


Cash and Savings


With our Mackinac Island vacation, we dipped into our Fun Fund a bit.  But beyond that, September was “saving as normal”, with an emphasis of building up our Charity Fund after a July payout to a pledge we made earlier in the year.




Thank you, US Stock Market!  Though my company stock dipped a bit, our investments overall received a boost throughout September.  But don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath… I know we could be dipping any day 😉




Same ole, same ole.  Well… Zillow is STILL boosting our house value but I prefer not to update our home value every month based on Zenestimates.  I will likely “correct” our number (if necessary) at the end of 2017.




Chipping away!  Nothing fun here…




Notice something new?  We are trying out a little hacking with an IHG card for free staycation/date weekends at a local Hotel Indigo in downtown Traverse City.


Net Worth October


Overall, we had a great September and our October update reflects that!  September was a busy month and I focused more on our family and my work travel than anything else, so the bump in numbers was a nice little surprise.  Cheers!


Net Worth History


Soooo close to $300,000… will we hit it in October?!?



How did September go for you?  Any big plans for October?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich