February 3, 2018 Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 6


Phew, this past week, I finally wrapped up our “And Then There Was One… Income” series charting our family’s recent move to one income.  I originally intended to post 1 or 2 posts but the topic quickly developed into a six-part series featuring our personal take and our answers to reader questions.  Now, on to regular programming…




Almost finished!


January was full of new adventures for the Adventure Rich family, including a DIY remodel of our bedroom (guys, we FINALLY have a wall and door to our bedroom, no more “open air” bedroom situation!), a quick staycation in our lovely hometown, a business trip, and many outdoor winter adventures (including skiing, winter running and snowshoeing).


I also had the privilege of sharing a piece of our story on two blogs I regularly read and greatly benefit from:  Keep Thrifty and ESI Money!


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Cash and Savings



We have a few big increases in our savings accounts due to the fact that we sold some of our company stock.  This allows us to have a bit more cash on hand for the Adventure Rich family “non-plans” as well as realize the healthy gains from the recent bull market.  The stock we sold was in the long-term gains category and we feel comfortable with the sale.


We were also reimbursed from our 2017 Dependent Care FSA (~$2,000) and our 2018 Dependent Care FSA is starting to grow (the deposits are made out of my paycheck).  The Dependent Care FSA allows us to cover a portion of AR Jr’s Daycare costs with pre-tax funds, a great perk for our family as we plan to keep AR Jr. in daycare in our new one-income setup.






The big news, as mentioned above, is that I sold some of the company stock I owned in order to transfer the money to cash.  Essentially, we looked at our current allocation and upcoming costs (re-roofing, car repairs, tentative camping vacation, FinCon, potential investments if Mr. AR decides to start a business or we find a real estate rental property) and decided that we would feel more comfortable with additional cash reserves at this time.


Beyond the stock sale, the other accounts increased with the market and we continued our typical investments into my 401K and the HSA.






Honestly, I didn’t update anything here.  Zillow (home estimate) and Kelly Blue Book (car estimate) both listed increased value for our home and cars… but I don’t buy it at the moment and prefer to keep our cars and house listed on our Net Worth at or below the amount I believe we could reasonably sell them for in a pinch.


As I mentioned in one of the “Ask Us Anything” posts, we are contemplating selling one of our cars… so we’ll see if this area changes in the next few months!






Yawwwn… this is the boring area.  We’re just chipping away a little at a time.






Yup, that’s a big line item.  While DIYing projects such as building a wall or putting in wood floor laminate are great ways to save money, the supplies cost money.  That and a refill of our propane tank led to some increased costs in January.



Net Worth February 2018



February’s Net Worth shows quite a healthy increase.  I think we may see this slow over the next few months as we shift to one income but time will tell!



Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich