August 2, 2017 Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 37

Hellooooo August!  (Wait, where did July go?!?)  While I cannot believe we are inching towards autumn already, the Adventure Rich family is in full summer mode, soaking up the sunny weekends and enjoying the long summer evenings.

Early morning mist

Recently, we have been trying to go for walks and explore our property in this gorgeous summer weather.  This typically means we am walking early in the morning or around sunset.  And mother nature has not disappointed!  Cool, misty mornings and warm, vibrant summer evenings have marked our walks.  I am no photographer, but it is hard to take a terrible picture when the scenery does all the work for me!

On the photography note– I am starting to post photos on Instagram in order to share more of our adventures.  You can check it out here!

Late evening sherbet sunset

Cash and Savings

You may notice a few new savings accounts that popped up this month… the “Investment Fund” and the “Fun Fund”.  These savings accounts are with Ally (all of our savings accounts are currently with Ally) and were opened for specific goals.  The Investment Fund is for money we are saving for a yet to be determined investment (real estate, IRA for Mrs. Adventure Rich, other?), while the Fun Fun is set up to save for upcoming adventures, family visits and a vacation in September.

One big drop during July took place in our Charity savings account.  No, we didn’t cash out and go on a shopping spree… the pledge we made earlier this year as part of our church’s annual charitable giving campaign came due and we fulfilled our pledge out of our Charity savings (as planned!).


The biggest news is that we successfully rolled over all “eligible” funds from Mr. Adventure Rich’s TIAA-CREF 403(b) to a Vanguard IRA… hooray!  We are now invested in VTSAX and happily paying a much lower expense ratio on his investments.  There was a small portion of his 403(b) invested in annuities, so these will be paid out of the 403(b) to the IRA annually for 10 years… so the 403(b) is hanging around for a few more years in a limited capacity.


Not much of an update here, but I will give a small caveat.  If you take a look at our Zillow home value estimate (which is used by for our Net Worth calculation), you would see that our home is valued at over $250,000… an increase of ~$23,000 since last month’s estimate (?!?).  While it was great to see our Net Worth go up almost $25K overnight, I don’t buy it and including that value in our August Net Worth calculation would be silly and somewhat disingenuous.  So, I adjusted our home value by a modest percent and called it good.


We keep chipping’ away at this one!  We are paying a bit extra on our 30-year mortgage with the goal of being mortgage free when our son is a Senior in high school (he is 2… so about 16 year).


Typical month here as well.  We put most of our expenses on our various credit cards in order to earn points and track our spending.

Net Worth August

Aaaand there you have it.  We rounded our July and entered August with a Net Worth of $284,786.74, an increase of $8,178.58.

Net Worth History

I love graphs 🙂

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich