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There is something special about feeling the minute grains of sand squeeze between your toes as you burrow you feet deep into a layer of warm, dry sand.  Or the feeling exfoliating grit that presses against the soles of your feet as you walk along a wet shoreline, leaving imprints as you go.

I love sand.  Ok, I have a love and hate relationship with sand.  It can be annoying and gritting, finding its way into your swimsuit (or your son’s diaper) only to pour out onto your nicely vacuumed carpet a few hours later.  But sand also provides a simple, primal pleasure that I can only describe as “grounding”.

And guess what?  It’s still summer and you still have time to go get sandy!


Ways to Get Sandy

Beach Sand

1- Walk or Run in the Sand

Sandy sunset walk along West Bay

This is basic, but I love basic 🙂  Find a beach or a sandy trail, take off your shoes and proceed!  Not only will you have a enjoy the exfoliating benefits of the sand underneath your feet, but you will get a killer calf workout!


2- Build a Sandcastle or Sand River


Mrs. Adventure Rich having way too much fun building a sand river

Yes I know, this is considered a “kid thing”.  But let me tell you, this past summer, I am pretty sure I have had wayyyy more fun that AR Junior making sand castles, moats and sand rivers.  I go from a busy, distracted woman to a kid at heart, sculpting the towers and reinforcing the walls against the attack of the waves.  Pure joy.

Expert Tip:  This can be created at home with a sandbox (see below!).  Just add water (garden hoses are great for this!) and you have the perfect recipe for a backyard castle building contest.


3- Sunbathe

Sandy Sunbather

Grab a book, a towel, a beverage of choice and post up at your favorite beach!  I like to nestle into the beach, the sand underneath me molding into a comforting mattress as I attempt to read, inevitably dozing off at some point for an afternoon snooze.  And I always have a perfect excuse to jump in the lake/ocean/river when I awake to a fine layer of sand stubbornly clinging to me with the help of sunscreen.


4- Beach Bonfire

Growing up in northern Michigan, our high school and college summer hang outs did not take place at a mall or an empty parking lot.  They were at the beach!  My friends and I would scout out local hideaways or family properties, finding the central locations for our evening excursions under the stars!  Armed with our blankets, s’more supplies and sweatshirts, we would navigate the sandy pathways to the shoreline of choice and camp out in the cool sand.  Some of my fondest memories are bathed in the glow of a bonfire as we wasted the nights away along a lakeshore.


Non-Beach Sand

5- Play in a Sandbox

Backyard sandbox Mr. Adventure Rich made for AR Jr

If you are not near a beach, find a sandbox for your sand fix!  This may come from being a tomboy at heart and now the mother of a 2 year old boy, but I don’t mind digging into the sandbox Mr. Adventure Rich built in our backyard and playing trucks with our son.


6- Explore Sand Dunes

Sand Dune Dash!

Depending on where you live in the world, you may have neighboring sand dunes waiting for you to explore!  AR Jr. and I made a Saturday trip to the Sleeping Bear Dune Climb, a nearby attraction popular among locals and tourists alike.  We (Read: me carrying AR Jr. when he copped out) labored up the dunes, climbing to the first lookout over Glen Lake before racing down the slope.

Aaaand the butt scoot…

Full Disclosure:  AR Jr. ran part way down the dunes, then decided to sit and butt-scoot a good 20 yards.  I cannot even begin to describe how much sand I found in his pants, diapers and places I prefer not to mention when I changed him later in the day!


And if all else fails…

7- Playground Swings

Yes, another seemingly juvenile suggestion, but hey, I’m a kid at heart, remember?  Many swingsets will have a nice sandpit located conveniently beneath the swings for a soft landing.  As AR Jr. tries his hand at scaling the play structures, I like to lazily sit on a swing, allowing my toes to dangles in the sand as I rock back and forth.  It’s my little piece of paradise, even if for just a moment or two.


So, don’t let summer slip away without adding a little grit to your life… go get sandy!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich

You can even promote great blogs in the sand 😉

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