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Happy Birthday, Adventure Rich Jr.!

That’s right, AR Jr. turned a whopping 2 years old (where has the time gone?!?) this week!  He is quite the little man, talking more and more each day, challenging us to running races down the driveway (yes, really… take after his mom much?) and reintroducing a sense of wonder to our lives with his curiosity and excitement about life.

So, we obviously gave him a big, extravagant 2nd birthday party to show just how much we REALLY love our son, right?

Ha!  I am embarrassed at how poorly we prepared for this great milestone.  But you know what?  It didn’t matter one bit.  AR Jr. had the time of his life during our impromptu birthday dinner with my parents and my grandmother.

A Birthday Feast

Pizza, of course!

“It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno!”  That’s right, we feasted on two delicious frozen pizzas and a salad provided my my mom.  Oh, and don’t forget the cake!  Mr. Adventure Rich proved his mastery in the baking arena by whipping up a savory Ghiradelli chocolate boxed cake.  He even went so far as to bike to the local farm market to pick up cream for the ridiculously decedent ganach.

Decor? Airplanes Galor

Airplanes and helicopters!

Seeing that Mr. Adventure Rich and I had not thought through the decor portion of the birthday party, my mom came to the rescue and found a few fun napkins, balloons and plastic airplanes.  She even managed to dig up a few airplane party hats and helicopter candle holders that she had stored from one of my brother’s birthday parties… my brother is now 24*!

*Please Note:  I don’t know how she did it… there is no way I will be able to pull out my child’s birthday decor for my grandchild’s birthday!

Gifts and Such

Gifts Galore

While we wanted to make AR Jr.’s day special, we did not want to shower him with a plethora of gifts.  So, we stuck to a few basics.

AR Jr’s Second Birthday Gifts:

#1-  Several Used Board Books from a Thrift Store–  From Grandma & Grandpa

#2-  A Kid’s Watch– From Mom and Dad (he has been obsessed with ours, so now he has his own! He is so proud.)

#3-  Gift Card and money towards the purchase of a balance bike– From Various Family Members

#4-  A Stuffed Toy Lion– From a Great Aunt

His Favorite?

AR Jr. was excited about each of the gifts he received, but can you guess his prized possession of the night?

The hot item of the night…

A card from his Great-Grandma that played the “Chicken Dance”

That’s right, the card I always thought was a waste of money ended up being the most entertaining item of the night!  He played it over and over again, laughing uncontrollably, jumping on the couch, and insisting that everyone clap their hands every time he opened the card and the tune started up again.  Honestly, I had no idea how much joy that silly card would bring to a child.  It was fantastic!

So there you have it!  We celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday, enjoying the evening with our family and soaking in the contagious joy of our crazy toddler.  It was perfect.

Friday Property Update

New path through the woods

In other news, if you have been following along and know about our biggest Craigslist find and the hard work we have been putting into our yard work, then I have an update for you!  Mr. Adventure Rich extended the path to connect in from our yard to a two-track road through the woods.  We are both eyeing a mountain bike ride this weekend to check out the new trail!


Any recent birthdays?  Any plans for the weekend?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich