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If you haven’t noticed, it’s summertime!  Bring on the hot weather, soft summer rains, and long days where the sun shines well into the evening.  There is a buzz in the air and summertime activities abound.  In our first installment of the “Adventure Challenges”, I challenge you to find free summertime activities.


 Our Sunday River Trip

Mr. Adventure Rich, AR Jr. and I enjoyed Sunday afternoon floating down a lazy local river, sipping on a cold beer, and chatting with our relatives in the canoes next to us.  It was pristine.  The sun was high overhead as we dipped our paddles into the warm river water and made our way to the outlet where the river meets Lake Michigan.  Just as we arrived at the outlet, we looked up to see an incoming storm as the dewy rain glanced off our skin… perfect timing.

This is the life.  

Now, I know this experience may not be free for everyone.  We own our canoe, paddles and lifejackets so we did not need to rent our equipment.  We have cold beer and bulk snacks stocked and on the ready at home for our adventures, so we did not need to buy food or drinks.


 Need for Initiative and the Packing

Subie ready for the adventure!

So what did we need?  Initiative.  We woke up exhausted from a long week/weekend, hurried off to church and dragged ourselves home for coffee and breakfast.  Mr. Adventure Rich and I were so close to throwing in the towel and scrapping our plans for a river trip, but then we noticed the sun shining and thought, “Why not?”

It took a bit of time and “hassle” to gather the necessary items.  We had to pack the cooler, grab the sunscreen, hats, swimsuits, towels and life jackets, then head outside to hoist the canoe on top of our car before strapping it down and hitting the road.  We were 2 miles from home when we realized that we forgot the paddles (slightly necessary for a canoe trip…).


 The Payoff

AR Jr. patiently waiting for Mr. AR and I to get the canoe ready.

But the 45 minutes of preparation yielded an afternoon long adventure making memories together as a family.  Mr. Adventure Rich and I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing pace of our river trip while AR Jr. became much more comfortable in the canoe, initially gathering the courage to peek over the edge of the canoe and culminating in nearly falling overboard by leaning out to touch the water as we glided along.

This afternoon did not cost us anything.


 The Challenge

Local trail for your hiking and running pleasure.

And I would like to propose a challenge.  I challenge each of you to find a free summertime activity in your area and go do it!  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and adventurous feel of summer to make a memory or two at a low cost.

And if you do, let us know about your adventure by commenting below, tweeting at us or sharing on Facebook.


Free Summertime Activities

Sunset after volleyball (just Mr. AR and I with AR Jr. playing in the court sand).

Need ideas?  Check out our spontaneous beach dinner here and the list below!

Look for a new hike to explore.

Lay in the grass and watch the clouds drift by.

Pack a picnic and head to the park.

Browse the local events calendar for free concerts and events.

Go for a walk in your neighborhood.

Hit the beach!

Stargaze on a clear night (Northern Lights anyone?).

Watch a sunset.

Read a book outside (bonus points if you get the book from your local library)

Organize a pickup game of volleyball, frisbee, soccer, football or softball.

Take a photo or two.

This list may get you started, but the options abound!


What are your favorite free summertime activities?  Any great adventures recently?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich