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No, I’m not talking about the “Netflix and Chill” variety…


I’m talking about the true chill.  The chill in the air that accompanies the shifting seasons.


Here in northern Michigan, we plunged into winter this week.  Shifting from 50 degrees to 25 degrees, the clouds brought a winter dusting to our area, reminding us that our summer sun has retired for the next few months.



First Chill


Wednesday Morning 11/8


Each year, there comes a point in the changing seasons when I meet an internal resistance.  I walk outside in my shorts and t-shirt, meet the first hint of a real chill and think:

“No.  No, no, no…. Give me my damn sunshine!”

This is absurdly humorous to me.  I am a winter lover.  Winter is my favorite season and I long for the snow to blanket the tall evergreens, the iridescent glimmer across the fields, and the muffled silence of a still, snowy night.



Embracing the Chill


Thursday Afternoon 11/9


Despite my deep love of winter, I have an odd resistance to the change of seasons.  I chalk it up to an inner complacency in summer when I do not need to take the time to don a full array of winter clothes.  So what do I do?


I bundle up, I power through, and I embrace the chill.  


And guess what?  After one or two days, I’m in full cold weather mode!  I have my coat, hat and gloves handy and I find myself longing to head outside to meet the chill head on, falling back in love with the new season.



The Beauty of Chill



With the initial inner resistance aside, I remember why I love the cold.


I have to catch my breath as the crisp, clean air enters my lungs for the first time.

My eyes water and my nose burns.

My body feels invigorated and longs to move.

I feel alive.


Adventure Challenge: Embrace the Chill!


The snow is blowin’


Whether you are experiencing the first glimpses of a winter wonderland or you are feeling the colder weather at night sans-snow, I challenge you to embrace the chill!


How, you may ask, should one embrace the chill?  Well, I’m glad you asked 😉


—  Pour a warm beverage into your favorite travel mug and go for a stroll


—  Find outdoor chores to get you outside and you’ll warm up quickly!  This one is perfect for the last minute yard work that may be needed before the big snow dumps come (guilty! We still have wayyy too many leaves that need moving…)


—  Get the right gear and head out for a chilly run, bike, or hike


—  If you are really crazy, join Fritz (from The Retirement Manifesto) for a polar plunge in a local river, lake, or ocean


—  Play outside.  It isn’t quite snowman time yet, but slip and slide soccer is hilarious on the newly damp or snow-dusted grass!


—  Find your own chilly adventure… I trust you can find a few ideas of your own!


Embracing the chill is an excellent skill to hone in the milder weather, strengthening a resolve to keep heading outdoors when the “chill” turns to “bone-deep bitter cold”!  Who knows, the prep may help you become one of the few to brave the elements and pursue adventure year-round!



How about you?  How do you embrace the chill?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich