February 7, 2018 Family Living Simple 2


Last year, in the rush of settling into our new home, getting used to our jobs (new for him, newly remote for me) and adjusting to our first winter, I completely forgot Valentine’s day was quickly approaching.  Not only that, but I was flying out of town early the morning of Valentines for a work trip (talk about timing…).



The Daycare Valentine Dilemma


While this was not a problem for Mr. Adventure Rich and me, it was for AR Jr.  His daycare sent us a nice little reminder that it would be great for us to send in Valentines for the kids to share.


I had no idea what to do.


Sure, I could run to the store and swipe up the first Disney Valentines pack I saw as I walked through the door but…

A) I didn’t want to go to the store and

B) I never really liked the commercialized Valentines.

So, I dusted off my creative hat, planted it firmly on my head and began thinking of how I could create DIY Valentines for AR Jr. to bring to daycare.






My first step was to open every drawer in our house and search high and low for any craft, coloring, or creative-ish materials.  We had been in our house a mere 4 months and managed to stow everything safely away… which meant I had no idea what we had and what I needed.


My Findings:

–Various Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils and Sharpies

–Tape, scissors, glue sticks

–Heart-shaped cookie cutters from a wedding

–A set of watercolor paint I was gifted in high school



After assessing my supplies, I had an idea.  The heart-shaped cookie cutters were key and became my stencils.  And while I had most supplies, I decided to purchase a few more items to round out the Valentines.


My Purchases:


–Small sticker packs to attach to the Valentines (instead of candy)



The Fun Part: DIY Valentine



With the supplies in hand, I set to work.


Step 1:  Haphazardly paint the paper  (no rhyme or reason here, I just tapped into my inner creative and started slapping paint on paper)



Step 2:  Once dry, flip the paper over and use the cookie cutters as stencils.  Cut out the heart shapes.



Step 3:  Paste the hearts onto the doilies


Step 4:  Write a message with markers (“Happy Valentine’s Day!”)


Step 5:  With a hole punch and some ribbon, attach the sticker packets to the Valentines




The Final Product!


I will admit, I was quite proud of myself by the end of my craft adventure.  Now I just need to decide if I will repeat this same Valentine in 2018 or conjure up a new idea!


What are some of your favorite DIY Valentines?  Any off the wall ideas out there?


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich