Using the Amazon Prime Credit Card Rewards for Christmas Presents

December 20, 2017 Credit Cards Personal Finance Saving 19

(This post may contain affiliate/referral links. For more info, please read our disclosure)     Last year, we experienced a flurry of Christmas shopping for our neices and nephews on Amazon.  As Amazon Prime members with disparate locations across the country, we found that creating Amazon Wish Lists was a convenient and expedient way to… Read more

Is it Worth it to Visit Family on Holidays?

December 4, 2017 Family Saving 30

  Every time Mr. Adventure Rich and I return from visiting family over a holiday, we look at each other and say the same thing:   “We shouldn’t travel to see family during the holidays next time.”   While this may seem counterintuitive, we are becoming more and more convinced that non-holiday family visits are… Read more

Net Worth Update – December 2017: $314,270.68 (+$8,231.85)

December 1, 2017 Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 20

  November was a month of busy work days, a sans-toddler date night/staycation for Mr. Adventure Rich and I, and a visit to New England to see Mr. AR’s family for Thanksgiving.  We are adjusting to the time change and shifting our closets to winter-ware (bring it on, Winter 2017/2018! #prayforsnow) Mr. Adventure Rich and… Read more

Cyber Monday Can Make Sense (+ a Note of Caution)

November 27, 2017 Frugality Saving 16

(This post may contain affiliate/referral links. For more info, please read our disclosure.)   Happy Monday!  Are you all still feeling the turkey-fueled calling for naptime like I am?   Today is Cyber Monday, the day online retailers slash prices and attempt to create a feeding frenzy without the Black Friday lines and 3 am… Read more

What I Won’t Be Doing on Black Friday… and Why

November 24, 2017 Saving 8

  Can you guess?!?   You got it… I won’t be shopping!   So, what will I be doing?  Well, we are visiting Mr. Adventure Rich’s family this week, so my plan is as follows.   #1-  Complete our #ARStreak Goals     We are on Day 2 of a 40 day “Adventure Rich Streak Challenge“!… Read more

“Money Options”: The Ability to Choose Your Adventure

November 6, 2017 Living Well Personal Finance Philosophy Saving 43

    I often hear the statement “It’s not about the money, it’s about time”.  And I agree!  Money is not the point, money is not the end.  Money is a tool we employ for many ends.   In the FI/RE (financial independence, retire early) world, money is often used as a tool to buy… Read more

Net Worth Update – November 2017: $306,038.83 (+$9,055.51)

November 1, 2017 Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 30

  Where did the year go?  I am still trying to remember to write 2017 instead of 2016 and we are already in November.   October was filled with work travel, a visit from Mr. Adventure Rich’s parents, pumpkin donuts, and the amazing sleep-deprived blogger experiment called FinCon.     Mid-October, AR Jr. brought home… Read more

September “Spaving” Challenge Recap

October 6, 2017 Frugality Household Personal Finance Saving 14

  Spaving– a totally made up word to reflect savings gathered while spending. (spending + saving = spaving)     My Month of “Spaving” Led by the illustrious Lady in the Black, I (along with several other bloggers) participated in a month-long challenge throughout September called the “September Savings Challenge”.   The Challenge The Spaving… Read more

Net Worth Update – October 2017: $296,983.32 (+$7,796.33)

October 2, 2017 Frugality Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance Saving 18

  For the beginning of autumn, we are still enjoying beautiful weather here in northern Michigan!  We even enjoyed the warmest week of the year with a few 80-90 degree days (can you say, “Beach Day”?!?)   September was quite the month!  In addition to some Friday Night Lights and a few beach days, the… Read more

Money Map Musings

September 8, 2017 Investing Living Simple Living Well Personal Finance Philosophy Saving 13

  In our last post, I unveiled the Adventure Rich Money Map.  This map details the flow of our money to and from various accounts, giving you a peek into our money management.  This idea came from a few bloggers who created maps earlier this year (I’m looking at you Budgets on a Stick, Apathy… Read more