A Memorial Day “Thank You”

May 29, 2017 General 0

Memorial Day 2017 Today is Memorial Day, the day we as Americans take the time to honor and remember the sacrifice of those who have courageously fought for our freedom.  We are incredibly blessed to live in a country that values our rights, our freedom, and our ability to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit… Read more

Super Sexy Millionaire Pledge

May 24, 2017 Adventures Frugality General Investing Personal Finance 2

Its official! The Adventure Rich family is joining the “Million Dollar Club” that J$ founded over at Budgets are Sexy (Hi J$!). We are joining over 180 bloggers by pledging to pursue the Double Comma Club. In order to join, we pledge to do the following things in the pursuit of a MILLION DOLLARS (which… Read more

An Adventurous Net Worth Journey

May 19, 2017 General Net Worth Updates Personal Finance 5

As a long time follower of J$ over at Budgets are Sexy, I began to see the wisdom in his suggestion to track Net Worth (check out J$’s Net Worth history here!).  At first, I thought that tracking our Net Worth would be a fun exercise for a few months, but would fade to the… Read more

Where are We? A Brief History

May 17, 2017 Adventures General Personal Finance 6

So, who are Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich?   Where did they come from?   Where are they going?   And do they even know the answer to these questions???   Mr. Adventure Rich and I plan to be quite transparent with our finances, lessons learned and perspectives on living a rich and adventurous life… Read more