Adventure Challenge #5: Friday Night Lights

September 13, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well 26

  With the leaves changing and a chill dancing across your face, what is your quintessential autumn activity? Is it donning your sweaters and scarves for the first time?  Raking a pile of brightly colored leaves?  Perhaps it is heading to your local pumpkin patch to pick out this year’s front porch guest of honor.… Read more

Adventure Challenge #4: Get Sandy

August 23, 2017 Adventures Family Living Simple Living Well 12

There is something special about feeling the minute grains of sand squeeze between your toes as you burrow you feet deep into a layer of warm, dry sand.  Or the feeling exfoliating grit that presses against the soles of your feet as you walk along a wet shoreline, leaving imprints as you go. I love… Read more

3 Reasons I am not attending a European Wedding

August 14, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Personal Finance Saving 36

I am sitting here, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and getting ready to return to work after a week off (staycation!).  I am not packing my bags, I am not rushing to the airport and I will not be attending the European wedding of a dear friend in Malta later this week. Malta, can you… Read more

Reflections on my Week Off

August 12, 2017 Adventures Blogging Careers Family Living Well 20

(This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, please read our disclosure.)   If you have been following our Instagram, you may have noticed something odd this week.  A morning mountain bike ride, midday beach shots, and a lazy afternoon of cloud watching.  No, this isn’t my normal weekly routine (I wish!). This was… Read more

Adventure Challenge #3: Go Watch the Sunset

August 10, 2017 Adventures Family Living Simple Living Well 22

When was the last time you saw the sunset?  This past week?  In the past month? Now, what if I were to ask you the last time you truly “watched the sunset”?  I mean, when was the last time you took the time to watch the sun slowly descend out of eyesight (whether it melted… Read more

A Recipe for Spontaneity

August 4, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well Philosophy 29

(This post may contain affiliate/referral links. For more info, please read our disclosure.)   The Adventure Rich family is a fan of, well, adventures!  (go figure)  And many of these adventures end up being last minute spontaneous adventures spurred on by a dose of inspiration… “It’s a beautiful evening, let’s go for a walk!” “What… Read more

A Frugal 2nd Birthday for Adventure Rich Jr!

July 28, 2017 Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well 18

Happy Birthday, Adventure Rich Jr.! That’s right, AR Jr. turned a whopping 2 years old (where has the time gone?!?) this week!  He is quite the little man, talking more and more each day, challenging us to running races down the driveway (yes, really… take after his mom much?) and reintroducing a sense of wonder… Read more

Our Financial Independence Mission Statement

July 19, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well Philosophy 32

Over at Our Next Life, Ms. ONL posted an article titled “Write Your Financial Independence Mission Statement”.  In this post, she outlines an exercise which can be utilized to create your own personal Financial Independence Mission Statement. Formula for a Financial Independence Mission Statement To begin, Ms. ONL suggests answering the following four questions: •What… Read more

We Found Our House on Craigslist

July 14, 2017 Family Household Living Simple Living Well Personal Finance 49

Yes, you read that correctly, we found our house on Craigslist…. …just writing that title makes me feel soooo #millennial Let’s back up a little. The Cross-Country Move In mid-July 2016, Mr. Adventure Rich received a job offer in northern Michigan.  The offer was a big blessing.  It was our chance to move back closer… Read more

Adventure Challenge #1: Find Free Summertime Activities

July 10, 2017 Adventures Family Frugality Living Simple Living Well 12

If you haven’t noticed, it’s summertime!  Bring on the hot weather, soft summer rains, and long days where the sun shines well into the evening.  There is a buzz in the air and summertime activities abound.  In our first installment of the “Adventure Challenges”, I challenge you to find free summertime activities.    Our Sunday… Read more