The Adventure Rich Money Map

September 6, 2017 Credit Cards Investing Personal Finance Philosophy Saving 59

I often find myself inspired by other personal finance bloggers and their innovative ideas for saving, investing and personal finance calculations.  One such moment of inspiration came a few weeks ago when several personal finance bloggers including Budgets on a Stick, Apathy Ends, and the Luxe Strategist created their personal “money map” to show the flow of… Read more

Net Worth Update: July 2017: $276,608.16

July 3, 2017 Credit Cards Investing Net Worth Updates Personal Finance 12

  Helloooo summer!  It is gorgeous up here in northern Michigan and we have been soaking up summer and all it has to offer!  It is crazy-town in our area with the National Cherry Festival here for the next week, so we are working to somewhat avoid the chaos while still enjoying some parts of… Read more

What’s in Our Wallet: Credit Card Edition

June 7, 2017 Credit Cards Household Personal Finance 2

Welcome to the first installment of “What’s in Our Wallet”!  This kicks off a series of posts aimed at providing a transparent look into our wallet, how we set up our finances and accounts, and a bit of our philosophy along the way. A few housekeeping items to start us off… Credit Card Usage:  Credit… Read more