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December 2017


Dec 11- An Adventure in Going Outside my Comfort Zone

Dec 9- Our Hearts are in California

Dec 6- Podcast Interview on Marriage, Kids, and Money!

Dec 4- Is it Worth It to Visit Family on Holidays?

Dec 1-  Net Worth Update December 2017


November 2017


Nov 29-  Three Books On My Reading List That Aren’t Even Available Yet!

Nov 27- Cyber Monday Can Make Sense (+ a Note of Caution)

Nov 24- What I Won’t Be Doing on Black Friday… and Why

Nov 22- A Brief Turkey Day Thank You

Nov 20- Adventure Challenge #8: Let’s Go Streaking! (Intro to the #ARStreak Challenge!)

Nov 17- Confessions of a FIRE Blogger: We Don’t have an FI Number or Date

Nov 15- How I Negotiated a Work Remote Arrangement (Guest Post on Millennial Money Man)

Nov 13- The Essential Gear and Tips for Safely Running in the Dark

Nov 10- Adventure Challenge #7: Embrace the Chill

Nov 8-  Planning and Preparing for Work Travel as a Working Mom

Nov 6- “Money Options”:  The Ability to Choose Your Adventure

Nov 3- The Flora and the Fauna: A Lesson in Responsibility

Nov 1- Net Worth Update November 2017


October 2017


Oct 30- Purpose, Community, and Beer:  A #FinCon17 Adventure

Oct 28- The Triumphs and Pitfalls of Grocery Shopping Online

Oct 26- Buzzing in our Earbuds: Part 5

Oct 24- All About the Cost of Rabbit Ownership

Oct 20- #FinCon17 – Here I Come!

Oct 18- Emergency Preparation Up North

Oct 16- Furry Additions to the Adventure Rich Household

Oct 13- Adventure Challenge #6: An Apple a Day

Oct 11- Warren Buffett’s Office

Oct 9- Buzzing in Our Earbuds: Part 4 

Oct 6- September “Spavings” Challenge Recap

Oct 4- Live Your Retirement Today

Oct 2- Net Worth Update October 2017


September 2017


Sept 30- To Tip or Not to Tip (Hint: this isn’t a question!)

Sept 27- (Guest Post) How to Travel with Kids on a Budget

Sept 25- A Fairly Frugal Family Vacation: Mackinac Island

Sept 22- Five Awesome Perks of Working Remote

Sept 20- How We Paid Off $55k of Debt

Sept 18- My Top 3 Money Management Tools

Sept 15- Buzzing in Our Earbuds: Part 3

Sept 13- Adventure Challenge #5: Friday Night Lights

Sept 11- Let Us Remember

Sept 8- Money Map Musings

Sept 6- The Adventure Rich Money Map

Sept 4- Net Worth Update September 2017

Sept 1- How our Dream Home measures up to our “Dream Home”


August 2017


Aug 30- Working Remotely: Key Components for Success

Aug 28- Buzzing in Our Earbuds: Part 2

Aug 25- My “No Grocery Shopping” Hack Just Got Cheaper

Aug 23- Adventure Challenge #4: Get Sandy

Aug 21- Leveraging our Property for Half a Pig

Aug 18- Buzzing in Our Earbuds: Part 1

Aug 16- Adventure Rich FIRE Prowess Score

Aug 14- 3 Reasons I am not attending a European Wedding

Aug 12- Reflections on my Week Off

Aug 10- Adventure Challenge #3: Go Watch the Sunset

Aug 7- Are We Addicted to Savings Accounts

Aug 4- A Recipe for Spontaneity

Aug 2- Net Worth Update August 2017


July 2017


July 31- Five Lessons from the Uber Frugal Month Challenge

July 28- A Frugal 2nd Birthday for AR Jr.

July 26- How I Save Money on Running Shoes

July 24- We Rolled Over a 403(b) to a Vanguard IRA

July 21- Adventure Challenge #2: Walk It!

July 19- Our Financial Independence Mission Statement

July 17- Hard Work and Yard Work

July 14- We Found Our House on Craigslist

July 12- The Three Year Experiment’s Interview with Mrs. Adventure Rich

July 11- Why I am Not Shopping Amazon Prime Day

July 10- Adventure Challenge #1- Find Free Summertime Activities

July 7- What’s in Our Wallet: Car and Truck Edition

July 5- Chief Mom Officer’s Interview with Mrs. Adventure Rich

July 3- Net Worth Update July 2017


June 2017


June 30- What’s in Our Wallet: Tax Advantaged Savings Edition

June 27- What Financial Health Means to Me

June 26- I Don’t Grocery Shop Anymore

June 23- My Love Affair with our Local Library

June 21- What’s in Our Wallet: Investing Edition

June 19- Visible Beauty on our Blog

June 16- Spontaneous Adventure: June Beach Dinner

June 14- What’s in Our Wallet: Banking Edition

June 12- Why We Started a Blog

June 9- We Almost Didn’t Start this Blog

June 7- What’s in Our Wallet: Credit Card Edition

June 5- Kindling for the FIRE

June 2- Net Worth Update June 2017




May 31- Half Marathons and Mortgages

May 29- A Memorial Day “Thank You”

May 26- 20 Frugal Adventures for Memorial Weekend

May 24- Super Sexy Millionaire Pledge

May 22- A Wise Teacher, a Friendly Coworker, and a Misguided Friend 

May 19- An Adventurous Net Worth Journey

May 17- Where Are We?  A Brief History

May 15- The Adventure Begins…