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Today’s post is completely non-financial… just a little ditty about our blog photos (say cheese!).

Back in April, Mr. Adventure Rich and I selected a blog name, paid for our blog hosting, and started to mock up what “Adventure Rich” would look like.  During our first few iterations, I pulled stock photos from the internet to use on our site.  As we tweaked and mulled over the set-up one day, we began talking about the blog photos.

(the following includes the blogger’s creative license to embellish the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich)

Mr. Adventure Rich:  “Hey, what if we used our own photos, not these stock ones as our blog photos?”

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  “I’m intrigued, say more.”

Mr. Adventure Rich:  “If we use our own photos, it will add a really nice personal touch.  It will be our content through and through, plus, we can share more of the beauty around us.”

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  “Hmmm, maybe… how will be get enough or the right photos?”

Mr. Adventure Rich:  (silently waves iPhone)

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  “Alright, let’s give it a try!  Our own photos as blog photos it is!”

With that, we decided to become our own photographers and adorn our posts with pictures we have taken.

On-Target and Not-So-On-Target Blog Photos

We have had a few posts where this tactic works well and we are able to accurately capture the intent and theme of the post in the blog photos (examples here and here).  At other times, however, our blog photos may seem a bit “off topic” (see here and here).  I hope we can get better at either finding or creating the right photo for our articles as we go, but for now, we are intent on sticking to our goal of keeping our blog just that… ours.

Aren’t You Anonymous?

Yep, but I highly doubt any of our family or friends who would be able to identify the back of our heads or our property are reading this.  If they are…

Hi!  Surprise!  We moonlight as personal finance bloggers!

Visible Beauty Fuels an Adventure Rich Life

The primary goal of this blog is to “explore how to live a rich and beautiful life full of adventure as we pursue financial independence”.  This beauty can be intangible, such as the beauty of a simple living room devoid of clutter and consumer products or the joy of our son’s laughter when he is running across our yard.

But it is oftentimes very “tangible” and visible.  It is the striking sunset after an evening thunderstorm, the blanket of snow heaped outside our windows, or the new life springing forth from the earth each year.


Visible beauty reminds us of the simple life we crave.


Visible beauty recenters us after a rough day, helping us to shed our worries and just “be” for a minute or two.


Visible beauty reminds us to slow down and enter the “here and now”.


Visible beauty makes us feel alive… inspires us to get out and pursue a spontaneous adventure.


Visible beauty takes our breath away.


And we are incredibly blessed to live in this little piece of paradise overflowing with visible beauty.  Why not share this beauty along with our blog posts?  Who knows?  Maybe these images will stir up a sense of adventure in those who come our way!

We hope you enjoy our blog, our journey and adventures, and our photos!

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich

P.S.-  A shout out to the Frugalwoods who are excellent examples of using their own photos for their blog!  We have followed their blog for years and their photos add a unique and personal touch to their incredible story.