June 9, 2017 Adventures Blogging 20

What took us so long to start this blog???

This is a question I have asked myself over and over again.

At times, Mr. Adventure Rich and I would find ourselves eager to dive in head first. We would take long walks brainstorming article ideas, discuss our philosophy over a chilled drink on a lazy Sunday afternoon and browse GoDaddy for available domain names.

Moments, hours, or days later, the doubts would creep in and we would become discouraged and unmotivated.


How long did this back and forth go on?  Well… an embarrassing 2+ years.


We finally broke our streak towards the end of April when we signed up with BlueHost to begin our blogging adventures.  Our first post was published on May 15th and the rest is history… right?

I figured now may be a good time to pause and go over some of the reasons we delayed the blog for so long.

There are more PF blogs than blooms in our yard!

Reasons We Delayed Our Blog

Reason 1:  It’s All Been Said Before

I have read or scanned (almost) every single Rockstar Finance article since 2013 or 2014.  Once on the site of a featured blogger, I typically will poke around and see what else that blogger has written.  As a result, I have reviewed THOUSANDS of blog posts in the past 3+ years.  Time and time again, Mr. Adventure Rich and I would enthusiastically discuss a potential blog post.

“Maybe we can write about THIS!!!”

Without fail, THIS would be written within the next few weeks and I would think “Well, there you go, an article on this topic has been written.  I guess we can scratch that one off our list.”

Reason 2:  It’s Too “Late in the Game”

The Rockstar Finance team has done an awesome job of putting a Personal Finance Blog Directory together (check it out here!).  There are currently 1,047 blogs listed… and I can guarantee that is not all of PF bloggers out there!  As we followed along, we would see many new blogs popping up all over.  This was exciting in one way, but discouraging in another.

Who cares if we blog?  Will we reach anyone with our message?  Or will we just get lost in the shuffle since we are the newbie on the block?

Reason 3:  Are We Good/Interesting/Entertaining/Smart/(insert quality here) Enough?

And another round of “lack of confidence” for ya in this concern too.  With all the clever articles, polished writers and fan favorites, why would we start a blog?  How do I know we won’t just embarrass ourselves?

Some “late bloomers” are gorgeous!

Late Bloomers

These doubts, concerns and fears festered in our minds for months.  Half written articles hung limply in our Google Docs folder, notes listing potential domain names were buried in bedside drawers and we delayed.


Over and over we delayed.


But then, something happened.  Mr. Adventure Rich and I decided to get stubborn with ourselves.  Who cares if no one reads our blog?  What is our goal in writing anyways?


Popularity points? No… this isn’t high school.


Recognition?  Nope, we’re anonymous.


Money?  Ha, yeah right.  Jury is still out on future monetization, but we do not see blogging as our financial escape route.


One by one we mentally scratched out our worries and were left with a simple question:


Why not now?


So before we could let minds reel and put the brakes on again, we finalized our domain name and purchased a hosting plan from BlueHost.  This was an important step for us because it was the “no turning back” moment.  We paid for the hosting… so we better use it!

The next two weeks was a flurry of learning how to set up the site, modifying elements, setting up the initial pages, and writing our first few blog posts.  It was exciting, freeing and somewhat nerve wracking to be finally on our way!


And here we are today. Just shy of one month into our blogging adventure, on post #12 and having a good time so far! While I covered a lot of our reasons for almost NOT starting a blog today… stay tuned for our reasons to start this blog coming soon!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich


p.s.- If you are reading this- thank you for proving at least one of our fears (“no one will read this!”) wrong!