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Wow, it we are over halfway into the Adventure Rich Streak Challenge where we are streaking towards 2018 with our readers!


Remind Me Again What The #ARStreak Is…



Back on Monday, November 20th, we posted an article introducing the Adventure Challenge #8: Let’s Go Streaking! (Intro to the #ARStreak Challenge!) with the following challenge.



Find a daily activity or goal you are willing to commit to and complete said activity/goal starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending New Year’s Day.

40 days!  Can you do it?!?


We had several people join in and start to comment, tweet and Instagram about the challenge using the #ARStreak hashtag.  The updates have been amazing, inspiring, and motivational and I have absolutely loved the small community we have.  I look forward to bringing you the stories from the ARStreakers in January!



What Did We Commit To?



Mr. Adventure Rich and I committed to two different types of streaking.


Mrs. Adventure Rich Streak Commitment

I’m going classic and I am committing to running at least 1 mile each day, preferably outside.  When the winter weather sets in, I find it quite easy to stay indoors and get a bit lazy.  I am hoping that I will build up my winter-resistance by diving in and running each day early in the season.  Here’s to embracing the chill!


Mr. Adventure Rich Streak Commitment

He’s going in the opposite direction or, uh, really not going anywhere at all. He plans to spend 15 minutes in silence/meditation each day. Sitting peacefully indoors or taking a stroll around our property, he hopes to habituate himself to mental resetting and allowing room for inspiration to set in.



Where Are We In The #ARStreak Challenge?


We are officially on Day 26 0f 40… over half way there!  Honestly, the days have FLOWN by (that’s the holiday season for you!) and I am really glad I committed to this challenge.  It has helped me remain mindful and active throughout a busy time and I’m looking forward to the next 14 days of streaking!



Mrs. Adventure Rich’s #ARStreak Update


Slowest mile… best mile


Alright, I’ve been pretty good so far.  My goal of running at least one mile a day has been met in a variety of ways… running with friends, running in circles around our property, running in a quaint city neighborhood early in the morning while I was on a business trip, and running on a treadmill.


My Biggest Challenge: Work Trip

My biggest challenge was coordinating how I would stick to the running during business travel.  Honestly, that was when I had the “easy out”.  I’m busy… working and need my rest, right?  Well, I had that thought… but then I remembered the challenge and it motivated me to get out of bed early enough to get my mile in before heading to work.  I typically run in the evening, so the morning mile ended up being a great way to wake up and energize for the day ahead!


My Favorite Run So Far:  Sleigh Dog Style

My favorite run came on a Saturday when Mr. Adventure Rich was sick in bed.  He was not feeling well so AR Jr. and I took to the freshly fallen snow for some winter fun, breaking out the snowpants and sleds!  As we began playing and I pulled AR Jr. across our snow covered driveway, I had an idea.  I still needed to run my mile… why not run my mile pulling AR Jr. in the sled up and down the driveway and through the snow?


Nearly sixteen slow, sweaty minutes later, my watch buzzed and I looked down to see the 1.00 mile distance flash at me.  It was the hardest, slowest, most fulfilling and fun mile I have run in a long time!  AR Jr. started the mile giggling with glee everytime I sped up or went down a hill… shouting “WOAH!” as the snow flew up into his face and he clung to the edges of the sled for dear life.  By the end of the “run” (I use that term VERY loosely here!), he was slumped back in quiet contentment, nearly dozing off and ready for a nap.  Perfect.


Mile Time: 15:40

Adventure Measure: Solid 7

Fun Measure: Full 10!



Mr. Adventure Rich’s #ARStreak Update



Taking time for 15 minutes of silence has proved a bit harder to fit in for Mr. Adventure Rich than he originally thought.  Between his busy job and life as a toddler parent (plus having your wife gone for 4 days on a work trip!), the 15 minutes of silence has been hit and miss.  But he is working to fit this into the day more intentionally over the next few weeks!



If you are participating in the #ARStreak, how is it going?  Are you having fun yet?  Have you had any big challenges or triumphs over the past 26 days?

For those not in the challenge, how are you sticking to your goals throughout the holidays?



Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich