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Imagine this… it’s 7:30pm on a warm Tuesday evening in June.  I had just pulled the baked chicken out of the oven, turned off the stovetop pan full of crisp potatoes, and followed our chubby almost-2 year old outside to go find daddy (pronounced: “da-eey”).  Mr. Adventure Rich was just finishing up mowing the “lawn” (er, property… he was freshening up a walking path around our 10 acre lot).


“Dinner time!”  I called cheerfully.


Mr. Adventure Rich parked the mower, grinned and asked, “Wanna go to the beach?”


“Sure!” I responded before I could even think about it.


Within 15 minutes, we were halfway to one of the nearby beaches on a bay of Lake Michigan.


Now, we are very fortunate to live 5 minutes from several beautiful beaches on the “West Bay” of Lake Michigan.  From the time Mr. Adventure Rich suggested a beach dinner with that goofy grin on his face to the time we were toes in the sand was a whopping 20-25 minutes.  This is our first summer in our new home and we are thrilled to take advantage of our proximity to the beaches and nearby city.


When we got married, Mr. Adventure Rich and I made an agreement with each other that we would encourage spontaneous adventures, both big and small, throughout our lives.  When we found our home, we “renewed this vow” and rekindled a curiosity and excitement for the area surrounding us.  I think it may come partially from a fear that, without intention, we will end up being Netflix binge-watching, boring routine following adults who set an example of complacency for our son.  To combat this temptation, we are adamant about getting out and “doing things”.


Back to the beach…



Cameo from JL Collins’ “Simple Path to Wealth”. Go buy and read it. Seriously.


Remember how I had just finished the chicken and potatoes when Mr. Adventure Rich floated the idea of heading to the beach?  Easy Plan B!  We threw our food into a big container, grabbed forks, ketchup, kombucha for me, sparkling water for him and headed for the car.  We have permanent beach/outdoors blankets in the car so once we strapped AR Junior in his car seat, we were off!


Beach Therapy


The beach is therapy for me.  Lazy waves lap against the sandy shore as my toes sink into the warm sand.  The sun dips low along the horizon, casting gorgeous shadows across the bay.  This is the life.  This is what so many people wait 11.5 months for their annual vacation to enjoy.  This is what people dream of retiring to.  And yet, it is free and accessible to anyone, not just the vacationer or the retiree.


Calm and Quiet


Our time spent at the beach consisted of eating dinner, gazing out at the waves, racing AR Junior down the shoreline and wading into the water.  It was peaceful, calm and quiet.  Not just audibly so, but also mentally.  Our phones were stashed (except for the few photos we snapped), there was no music or podcast playing, and a few cars dove by but we barely noticed them.  Our minds were able to wander or just focus on and enjoy the beauty around us.


Change of Scenery


I love where our house is located, but I am home most of my days (I work remotely in a home office), so I often crave a change of scenery on a regular basis.  It doesn’t have to be much, maybe even just a walk around the property or down the street.  Bottom line, I need to switch it up in order to avoid getting sucked into a daily routine (finish work, make dinner, wrap up chores, put kiddo down and read/watch a show before bed).  A planned or impromptu trip breaks up the “normal” and allows me to relax a bit more.


Living Like We’re Retired


This is the beauty of living an adventure rich life.  We both work full time and this was a “work night”, we are nowhere near retired, and we have a toddler amongst us.  Yet we strive to do the same activities we “would do” if we were retired!


Why wait until we are retired for the spontaneous dinner on the beach?


Why head out when it would be “easier” to just follow our routine and eat at home?


Why forego the chance to encourage our son to develop a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for the incredible beauty nature has to offer?


Why miss such a wonderful opportunity to build incredible memories as a family?  To watch our son splash in the water as we sneak a beachside kiss or two?

AR Junior chasing (harrasing?) ducks

There was no good reason I could think of to say “no” to this spontaneous adventure that would enrich our lives.  So we packed up and had the best night of the week.  What is holding you back from your next adventure?

Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich


Watching the storm roll in (new haircut and all!)

ps- the next night, we had the gift of watching an impressive storm roll across the Bay while we were in town.  We decided to make a quick stop at the local marina to watch and we were well rewarded by a great show!  Lots of “boom boom” (thunder according to AR Junior).