Blog Roll

Here are a few of the blogs that have provided great insight, content and motivation over the past few years.

Budgets are Sexy
Afford Anything
Distilled Dollar
JL Collins
Money Boss
Go Curry Cracker
Mr. Money Mustache
Our Next Life


Afford Anything Podcast Now… we don’t typically play favorites, but I think I have to say that Paula Pant’s Afford Anything Podcast is hands down our favorite! Personal finance tips? Check! Engaging interviews? Check! Overall amazing life philosophy? Check check check!

The Mad Fientist Podcast Brandon (aka- the Mad Fientist) interviews a wide variety of early retirees (or those on their way!). The unique path and perspective of each early retiree has provided our family with much inspiration and motivation.

So Money Podcast So Money is a personal finance and career podcast put on by Farnoosh Torabi (a total bada$$). While the show is catered towards women, it provides insight and advice applicable to both men and women.

Millennial Money A daily 5 minute podcast covering a wide variety of personal finance topics in bite size morsels!

Radical Personal Finance Joshua Sheats focuses on approaching Financial Freedom on his Radical Personal Finance podcast from a variety of angles. We enjoy his candor and ability to look at each situation from a variety of angles.

The Stacking Benjamins Show Self-described as “the lighter side of personal finance”, the Stacking Benjamins Show is a quirky talk-show style podcast that covers odd or absurd finance news stories, new FinTech tools and interviews with great minds in the finance world.

Email Lists

Rockstar Finance A Daily Dose of Financial Wisdom. I have received this email since 2013 and I highly recommend it! You receive 3 articles a day covering topics from personal finance to minimalism to life philosophy. It is a great survey of the finance world, especially if you do not have the time to browse blogs every day.

The Skimm Your Morning News- Boiled down and served up in a fun and engaging way!





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