Hi there and welcome to Adventure Rich!  We are glad you stopped by and hope you find this blog helpful and humorous or somewhere in between.

About Us

Mr. Adventure Rich Hello!  Mr. Adventure Rich here.  I am a thirty-something handyman with a reputation for making bad puns.  I grew up in a small town on the East Coast before attended college in California. After graduation, I began working and living the California bachelor life.  Fast forward eight years and I found myself dating an adventurous girl (the future Mrs. Adventure Rich) who introduced me to the concept of financial independence.  She had me hooked in more ways than one… not only did I propose to her, but I also began to get serious about finances, paying off debt and planning for the future.

Mrs. Adventure Rich Mrs. Adventure Rich here (*wave)!  I am a twenty-something Midwestern woman who harbors a love of physical activity and the outdoors.  I graduated from the same college in California (6 years after Mr. Adventure Rich) and dove head first into both a career and a relationship with Mr. Adventure Rich soon after.  Through the subtle hints of a few teachers and colleagues who pointed me to personal finance books, I quickly became hooked on reading, researching, blog following and planning for a future free from financial burden.

The Adventure Rich Team Together, we dug ourselves out student, credit card and car loan debt, consistently increased our net worth, and are working towards financial freedom and ultimately, financial independence.  Along the way, we welcomed Adventure Rich Junior, moved across the country to settle in Mrs. AR’s hometown and bought a house + property.  What next?  Follow along and we’ll find out together!

Why “Adventure Rich”?

Adventure: When Mr. Adventure Rich and I went on our first date in his truck that kept breaking down, we both laughed, shrugged and agreed that life is “always an adventure”. This became our unofficial motto and we often come back to this saying when life throws the unexpected at us.

Rich: The word “rich” is often used in the context of wealth, money or excess means. While this definition is not all together out of place here (we will be writing about finances and our pursuit of financial freedom), this is not the primary intent. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “rich” can also mean “magnificently impressive”, “vivid and deep in color”, “full and mellow in tone and quality” and “highly seasoned, fatty, oily or sweet” (love that last one!).  We see the word “rich” as a robust word that we can relate to many aspects of our life.

Putting it together… Adventure Rich is about exploring how to live a beautiful and rich life full of adventure as we pursue financial independence.

What to Expect Adventure Rich will be a blog documenting our family’s attempt to see the adventure in all situations as we work towards financial freedom and ultimately, financial independence. You can expect articles charting our net worth, what’s in our wallet, our perspectives on life and finances, and our lessons learned along the way.