December 31, 2017 Blogging 6


Happy New Year’s Eve!


Since starting Adventure Rich in May 2017, I have published a grand total of 100 posts (not including this one!).  And while I enjoy writing most of these posts, I do play favorites and have a list of my ten favorite articles from 2017 to share with you today.  Enjoy!



Ten Articles from Adventure Rich



Our Financial Independence Mission Statement

Ultimately, it comes down to  the ability to have options and the freedom to choose who we spend our time with, how we spend our time, what we focus on, and what area of life we would like to impact the most.


A Recipe for Spontaneity

These spontaneous adventures are some of the most enjoyable times we have spent as a family.  They transform an ordinary day or a typical weeknight into a lifelong memory and foster a lifestyle of curiosity, excitement and eagerness to enjoy the beauty we are surrounded with each and every day.


Live Your Retirement Today

But the moments are there.  They are there each and every day.  And so are the opportunities.  The opportunity to take a breather and reset, the opportunity to purposefully take part in an activity you enjoy, the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary to make your life a little better, a little brighter.


Confessions of a FIRE Blogger: We Don’t have a FI Number or Date

I know, I know, what is a good little Financial Independence blogger like me doing by admitting that I don’t have our FI number or date dialed in, tattooed to our wrists, etched in each doorway throughout our house, and sung to our son as he drifts off to sleep each night?!?  Yep, I admit it… no FI number and no FI date.  And that is okay.


“Money Options”: The Ability to Choose Your Adventure

Money options are not necessarily the most expedient path to early retirement.  Choosing to be a stay at home parent, going back to school, starting a new business or moving to a big city may actually DELAY retirement.  But that is not the point here.  The point is that money allows one to make the choice that is best for their life overall (now and in the future)… not their “retirement-only” life.


Warren Buffett’s Office

As Warren Buffett is showing the camera crew his office, he pauses and points out a framed certificate on the wall.  I initially assumed that the certificate was a college diploma, an advanced degree, or some prestigious award.  I was wrong.


Adventure Challenge #8: Let’s Go Streaking! (Intro to the #ARStreak Challenge!)

We always talk about New Year’s resolutions and starting afresh on January 1st.  The problem I find in this plan is that I end up trying to jump into new goals and resolves right after spending a month and a half eating savory food, vegging out, drinking more than I typically do, and staying up late.  Essentially, I try to jump from a generally undisciplined state to a lean, mean efficient machine… and it never works!  So, why not try to set new goals and stick to a more disciplined and mindful routine DURING the holidays rather than starting after?


We Found Our House on Craigslist

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  Maybe it’s time to just look for a rental.  We can move out of my parents’ house, get our own place and try again in a few months.

Mr. Adventure Rich:  Sounds good.  Haven’t you been browsing rentals already?

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  Yep.  Craigslist has a few options, I’ll search some more tomorrow.

Mr. Adventure Rich:  Craigslist?  Have you checked for any houses for sale on Craigslist?

Mrs. Adventure Rich:  ….


What Financial Health Means to Me

Financial health allowed my grandfather to raise an incredible family who, while taking unique paths in life, have followed his example of tireless hope and dedication to making the world a better place, starting at home and in our immediate communities.


Spontaneous June Beach Adventure

Why forego the chance to encourage our son to develop a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for the incredible beauty nature has to offer?  Why miss such a wonderful opportunity to build incredible memories as a family?  To watch our son splash in the water as we sneak a beachside kiss or two?



Thank you for all of the support in 2017 🙂 Here’s to more to come in 2018!


Always an Adventure,

Mrs. Adventure Rich